Blogging Money: Tips to Increase the Search Engine Ranking for Your Blog

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Tips to Increase the Search Engine Ranking for Your Blog

Tips to Increase the Search Engine Ranking for Your Blog

In the last post we talked a little bit about corporate blogging. In this post we are going to go over some simple tips that you can use to increase the search engine ranking for your blog.

If you really want to succeed in internet marketing and increase your online profits through blogging, then you need to follow these tips that will help you to make your blogging a success.

Several factors determine how powerful your blogging can be in improving your search engine position. As we have discussed many times before, blogs get picked up by search engines quickly, but you need to make sure that your blog is optimized for search engines.

1. First, your blog title and URL structure must be just right! Your URL must be search engine friendly and user friendly. Your blog URL must be short and concise. It is also important for the name of your blog URL to be related to your online business niche.

2. Blog everyday! This is the most important tip. Powerful blogs that attract large volumes of traffic and bring results are those that are updated regularly. Search engines will pick up the new content and this will increase your ranking on search engines.

3. Categorize the content on your blog, making sure that you use your keywords, as this will increase the search engine ranking of your blog and website. If your website blog is about starting a home business, you can have categories like “home business opportunities”, “home business tips for success”, “secrets for making money online” and “make money online examples”.

Be creative and have interesting categories for your blog. Using various keywords for your niche improves your search engine ranking for all these keywords.

4. You must tag your content. If you want your blog posts to get high visibility and exposure, it is important that you tag your content. You can do this by using pre-installed plug-ins in your blog script.

5. Ping every time you add new content to your site. Whenever you add new blog posts, ping your blog to alert search engines that you have added new content on your site.

6. Submit your blog to blog directories and niche directories. This will help you to get traffic directed from these directories and also create one way links to your site from these directories. All this increase your search engine position.

When you use the tips that we have discussed today you will be able to quickly boost the power of your blogging and improve your position in search engines.

This is the last post of the series “Blogging Money”. Your feedbacks and suggestions are welcome.

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21 thoughts on “Blogging Money: Tips to Increase the Search Engine Ranking for Your Blog

  1. Hi azad, i wanted to know how much traffic are you getting from submitting your URL to blog directories and niche directories?

    1. I had seen traffic from it can be 20 to 40 unique visitors per day depends on your post title.
      Blogcatelog and Indiblogger gives about 100 unique per month. All other directory are only good for backlinks in my case.

    1. Yes, if big and high authority blogs links to us our pagerank increase and also our post start ranking higher on SERP. But one way links are mostly counted.

    1. Yes my friend blogging every day is really hard for me too and its a challenge to every blogger. Thanks for leaving comment. :)

      1. Yeah, and it’s even difficult if you have a job.
        Usually, I blog at night when I am free….

        IMO, whatever it is, at least 5 posts a month is a least requirement if you wanna go in [even a little] blogging profession… :)

        1. Yes me too Jayant, I spend time blogging at night and early morning before went to class/office. Yeah the harder parts is spend time to write a blog for everyday! But passion make it easy. he he.. Oh c’mon, I need idea idea idea. Peace!

  2. Hi Azad,

    I think the real secret is an incredible amount of hard work :) Seriously, does it ever let up man? even after the foundation is laid and you have 500 week ranking pages? It feels like a continuous effort to keep them all afloat in google.

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