Step by Step Tutorial to Get Your Blog Listed at Technorati Directory

technorati-logoUpdate: Technorati had closed their blog directory service and you can no longer list your blog on their site.

Technorati is  one of the most well-known blog search engines online. This is the place where many bloggers turn to when doing research or looking for blog entries on a particular subject. But one of the great mysteries appears to be getting listed in Technorati  directory and making sure your blog’s pages are being properly indexed.

Follow this simple steps to get your blog listed at Technorati directory:

  • You need to register with them. Click on the Join link available on the top right side of the website. Provide the necessary data to them and get register.
  • Go to your account.
  • Look at the end of your account page, find start a blog claim. Enter your blog url there and click on search.
  • Enter your blog details and submit your blog.
  • You will get a mail about your blog submission.
  • Now go back to your account again and look at the bottom of the page. Your blog screen shot and url will be there. Click on Check Claim.
  • In next page you will get something like this:
  • “Technorati will need to verify that you are an author of the blog by looking for a unique code. Please put the following short code D447CJPKTN5V within a new blog post and publish it. Once it is published, use the “Verify Claim Token” button to tell Technorati your blog is ready for verification.”
  • Add a new post in your blog with your short code. Our was D447CJPKTN5V.( The best way is to put it into your title)
  • After posting your new page with that code click on “Verify Claim Token”. ( make sure your new page had showed up in your feeds)
  • If all done right you will get a message
  • “We have successfully crawled your blog and found the claim token, and your claim is now awaiting review. “
  • Technorati review every blog manually. Due to very large numbers of blog claims it can take 1 week to 3 months for your blog to get listed.
  • When your blog get Reviewed by Technorati team they will send you a mail saying something like this:
  • Congratulations, your claim is now complete! Please allow 24 to 48 hours for Authority and recent posts to begin showing for your site now that it has been successfully claimed. Once they are there, we will update your site’s Authority once per day
    At first you may not see your site listed in the Technorati Blog Directory for all of the categories you’ve selected. As you write blog posts around those topics, you should see your Topical Authority in those categories begin to rise.
  • And W00t your blog got listed on Technorati,

Note very important: Technorati crawl the page content provided in feeds. It  does not goes to page to craw content. So the best way to verify is to put your short code in post title itself. If your feeds show complete page content then it’s ok to put your code anywhere in the post.

This is everything you should know to get your blog listed at, If you still have any problem than post it in comment i will try my best to help you.

If you like this tutorial then please write a review for our blog at Technorati: we will very much thankful to you.

Let me know if you have any other and quick way to get listed on technorati directory.

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Azad Shaikh

Azad Shaikh is an internet geek at heart. Azad like to write about anything related to computers, internet, hacking, business and marketing. He is a computer engineering graduate and certified ethical hacker.
  • My claim was accepted! Thanks again!

  • Brenda Nicholson

    I listed and claimed both of my blogs at Tecnorati a long time ago. ( and Neither are showing up in the directory and I do update both of them several times a week. Sorry your article didn’t help me. I’m sure it was my ignorance and not your instructions. 🙂

  • sid

    Thx a lot, it helped me…

  • hello sir, nice post, i have carried out the same steps but was not approved by Technorati, are there any other criteria for getting approved by them,my site is just 1 week old

    • Make sure you have some good number of live post. Also post quality matter.

      • Thank you sir, at last i got my got my site reviewed..

  • Hi, thanks for sharing this, Actually I’m having a hard time with technorati. They really have a strict instructions. It is really hard to be accepted.

  • Just wanted to say thanks for the guide. I’m awaiting final review with Technorati, now. People says it takes a long time to get reviewed, how long is a long time?

  • Garold

    yeah, its been almost one month now and technorati hasnt reviewed my blog yet, still pending, really annoying…

  • Popchic

    I have successful listed my blog to Technorati but I was wondering where can we got the chicklet button? Do the “fave button” was gone already? I’m looking for it on their site but I can’t find the fave button. Any idea?

  • Thank you for this comprehensive post. Technorati is really very strict and you have to follow their instructions properly and be patient with their favorable response.

  • Vanhoutte

    Very useful instructions, my claim is awaiting final review and I hope this means my blog will start to appear within a month from now. But I’m not too hopeful since most of the other people who comment here have their blogs pending for over a month.

    Will post back once my blog got approved.