Your Destiny is In Your Hands

Your Destiny Is In Your Hands

Your Destiny Is In Your Hands

Destiny is not a matter of chance but its of choice,nothing just happens in life. There are no accidents in destiny rather everything is being controlled and ordered by the timeless laws of sowing and reaping. Your manifestation is determined by what you do: that means that you cannot manifest until you do things differently in other words be outstanding. It is your understanding that will determine your outstanding, everything you are seeing today is a product of yesterday’s preparation. Your today’s action is a seed for tomorrows harvest. If you want your tomorrow to be blissful and wonderful, start preparing for it now because time is now, there is no tomorrow if you cannot make good use of today. Today is the only asset that you have to prosecute a better future.

Our destiny is determined by the quality of choices or decisions we make. Every success is predicated on a clear vision. Life is a journey and unless you define your destination, the odds of getting lost are very high. Where are you going? where would you want to be in the nearest future say 3-5 years from now?? life can take you to anywhere if you don’t have a destination. Define your goal today and take responsibility for your life. Don’t blame your misfortunes on anybody, you are the architect of your life. Don’t live your life by chance,but rather paint in your mind the future you desire and work towards it. Don’t assume that what will be will be,you have a part to play in determining what you will become tomorrow,rise up and do it before it is too late.

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  • Very inspiring article. Indeed, one’s destiny is in his/her hands only.

  • Racks

    I think sometimes it is in our hands and sometimes not