Best Bolt Carrier Group of 2017

Like every other tool, your weapon should be maintained properly. To improve the weapon’s longevity and functionality, you should regularly check and clean and service it. The choice of the best bolt carrier group is difficult not because of the too many brands or products available in the market, but due to the lack knowledge of the top performing products among the users. So, we have made a list of the best bolt carrier group of 2017 here to help you choose the right and complete bolt carrier group.

1) Nickel Boron Bolt Carrier Group .223/5.56

Prime Weaponry has made this 8620 Nickel Boron Bolt Carrier Group which is the best BCG among its class by considering the durability and operating speed.

Features of Prime Weaponry Nickel Boron Bolt Carrier Group are:

  • It is made using the latest quality control and manufacturing techniques
  • It provides super reliability for your semi-auto and select-fire rifles
  • Magnetic particle ensures no internal flaws in structure
  • For providing an added reliable cycling, it comes with a fully staked carrier key and tool steel extractor
  • Nickel boron coating provides smoother and slicker process to reduce friction
  • Equipped with a firing pin and compatible with any .233 and 5.56 platforms

2) Odin Works Black Nitride Bolt Carrier Group

If you search for any nickel boron BCG on the web, you will find the Odin Works Black Nitride Bolt Carrier Group in all the lists. It is classified between the high-end and low-end BCG.

The Odin Works Black Nitride Best BCG has features like:

  • It comes with a free ring tool
  • It is capable of handling as well as different ammo types
  • Comes with a high-quality smooth coating for long-lasting operation
  • The rugged finish is suitable for the people who use their guns a lot
  • A real value for money complete bolt carrier group

3) Reign Supreme MFG Titanium Nitride Carrier

The Reign Supreme has made this titanium bolt carrier group which is available in various sizes. It is well-known for its impressive reliability.

Features of Reign Supreme MFG Titanium BCG are:

  • It is based on 8620 steel and has a titanium nitride coating
  • It is specially designed for use with the fully-automatic and semi-automatic rifles
  • It is easy to clean with just a simple wipe
  • This nickel boron BCG is compatible with .223 and 5.56 ammo
  • It is a complete bolt carrier group, so you need to expense money in other accessories

4) Phase 5 Electroless Nickel Complete Bolt Carrier Group

The Phase 5 complete BCG is one of the best value for money bolt carrier groups available in the market today. The new high-tech polishing process provides a slicker and smoother finish.

You will get the features in Phase 5 Electroless Nickel Complete Bolt Carrier Group like:

  • It comes with an enhanced EN plating which increases the durability, resistivity, and reliability
  • The nickel-boron alloy prevents corroding
  • It is easy to clean, so saves your precious time while cleaning it
  • It is the best AR 15 bolt carrier group which comes with grade 8 specially hardened fasteners
  • This Phase 5 complete nickel boron coated BCG can be used for pistols also

5) Anderson Manufacturing Complete BCG

The complete bolt carrier group from Anderson is manufactured according to the military standards. It works with 5.56 and .223 caliber ammo and also compatible with the .300BLKs.

Features of Anderson Complete Bolt Carrier Group are:

  • It is featured with an 8620 carpenter steel carrier and a staked gas key
  • It has a 9310 super alloy steel bolt
  • The fully military specified construction and the durable phosphate finish makes it durable for longer times
  • It is chrome lined BCG which comes with all needed components to install it easily and quickly


The bolt carrier group from Bravo company is designed to provide service to semi-automatic rifles. It works well enough with .223 and 5.56 caliber ammo.

Features of Bravo Bolt Carrier Group AUTP are:

  • It is specially designed for semi-automatic rifles and pistols
  • It comes with a firing pin
  • You do not require additional tools or components apart from those needed for installation
  • It is equipped with chrome lined gas key which is heat treated as per the GI specifications

Bolt carriers provide reduced frictions and lower the operating temperature of your weapon. This results in an overall good performance of your equipment in all types of weather conditions and climate changes. There are some alternatives of a titanium bolt carrier group available in the market, but the best BCG is what you should get for clean maintenance of your weapon. And the above list of the best bolt carrier group of 2017 will help you get the value-for-money product.

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