How to Auto Confirm Or Ignore Friends Request on Facebook

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When adding tons of friends every day, you will also get at the same time tons of friend requests to confirm. Facebook do not offer an easy way to accept them all, so this task is really boring and long to do one by one. But we found a special tool for you so you can use to do this automatically whit the push a button. This will do the work in around 5 seconds instead of 1 hour or more.

Now the auto friend confirm is enabled. To see that its enable, in Firefox again you can click on tools and scroll until GreaseMonkey. You’ll see a check before enabled.
But before going on Facebook and trying this script, we suggest you go on internet explorer on your Facebook account you want to confirm request and ignore the others requests (group pages, event, etc..) so that the script will not confirm every request he see. You don’t want to join every groups and pages people invites you. Be careful to Not ignore all your friend request.
To ignore other requests you go on Facebook, click on home, then where you see the request at the top left click on See All. Then click on Ignore All, this will pop-up a little window where you’ll be able to check what you want to ignore. So don’t check friend requests and check all others.
Now that this is done, you can login to this account in Firefox and go click on your friend requests. And Boom!! Automatically they will all be confirmed.
Don’t forget that Facebook allows only 5000 friends per account so don’t try to get more, it is impossible.

Method: 2

Facebook Friend RequestThis techniques could be a little bit easier for some. First go on this link in Mozilla Firefox: . Scroll down on the page until you see a ConfirmAll yellow button. What you need to do is click this button and drag it to your bookmarks tab, drag it just under the address bar. This will create a little clickable icon there. Now login to your facebook account, click on your friend request to see them all, and click on your ConfirmAll bookmarked button. You will see at the top right a little fields appearing where you can write the max confirms to do and the seconds between each ones. So depending on how many friend requests you have to confirm write a number in the max confirms field, and we added 0 seconds between so it is faster.
Then Click Start and the script will go and confirm your friend requests.
You will see your friend requests number going down. When you see it stopped this means that the script finish to accept friends on the current page, so just it refresh and click start again.

Hope you enjoyed this cool methods.

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15 thoughts on “How to Auto Confirm Or Ignore Friends Request on Facebook

  1. Neither the greasemonkey thing work for me after leaving it at the confirm (req.php) page forever and the confirmall doesnt work either. says all done 0 ffriends confirmed.

    1. Sorry but under my knowledge its not possible yet. You can inform your friends to join your page under your profile info. How much time it take you to reach 5000 mark?

  2. none of the metodh works for me
    Confirmall adds 0 friends
    Grasemonkey metodh doesnt do anything with none of those three scripts.
    Did facebook block this? Or i didnt install install scripts the right way?
    How do u check if the scripts are working?

    thx to all

  3. That’s Gud but I use javascript’s just copy and paste in your browser and everything is done after clicking enter ;-)

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