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How many times do you have shared a PDF document with your colleagues and friends? And how many occasions occurred where you need to edit the PDF before sharing or printing? I guess, many. But the general users find it difficult to edit a pdf, so they just convert it to Word or another document format, edit it, and then again convert it to PDF. This is not a long process but is time-consuming for sure. We all know that a PDF file is the best representation of a document. Sometimes after you create a PDF, you find that you need to change the order of the pages, modify or delete some images or content. So there comes the need to edit pdf documents.

Generally, PDF files are not editable, but some software and apps help you to change the content of your PDF files without any hassle. Today, we will see the best software to edit a PDF document, and that is the Wondershare PDFelement.

Why should you use the PDFelement?

The PDFelement will allow you to use some styles and formatting, image resolutions, optimizing the graphics without changing their quality, and much more which help you to make the best piece of the document format. It is a multifunctional cross platform and a secure PDF viewer, editor and converter which allows you to perform all the operations which are necessary and needed to edit PDF documents.

What is the ‘Edit’ feature of PDFelement?

As it is a cross-platform software, you can use PDFelement for both Windows and Mac systems. Since, both the systems are functioning a bit different from each other, you can use the ‘edit’ feature of PDFelement in a variety of ways depending on the OS you are using.

By using the ‘edit’ feature, you can change the font size, style, and alignment while formatting your PDF file. You can adjust the size of the images, charts, graphs, and other graphical entities, crop them or even extract them without changing the quality. You can also alter the order of the pages in your file, add new pages, or delete some pages that are no longer needed in the PDF you want to share with others.

For example, let us see how you can edit a line and paragraph with the PDFelement software:

  • Open your PDF document in Wondershare PDFelement
  • Then click on the ‘edit text’ button on the left side of the ribbon
  • Click on the text you want to edit or delete
  • You can now change the font, style, and alignment of the text in the line you have selected
  • Use the ‘hand’ button to drag and drop the line of text at the place you want
  • You can also do the same for the paragraph in your file, select the paragraph and follow the steps mentioned above and format the section in the way you want

What is the need of the ‘edit’ feature for a PDF file?

As we already discussed before, PDF is the best communication format through documentation. But, there are times where we certainly need to change or delete some of the content of our PDF files before sharing it with others or using it for business campaigns. You can also make this done by converting the PDF to other document formats, edit it, and then reconvert it into PDF. But for the technology geeks, this is not the proper way to edit a PDF document in a professional manner. It is time-consuming and also takes some more efforts than usual.

On the other hand, the ‘edit’ feature is a handy tool to modify the PDF file on the spot in a way you want. It saves your time and takes fewer efforts, thus makes you more productive day by day. And being more productive is a most important thing for professionals, so it led to implement and introduce the ‘edit’ feature for a PDF file.

Key features of PDFelement

Check the features which are good enough to make PDFelement a perfect software for editing your PDF files.

  • User-friendly interface which is easy-to-understand and use
  • View, convert and edit your PDF files without any hassle
  • You can add comments or highlight text for a particular word in your file
  • You can also add your digital signature in the PDF
  • Add, edit, and delete images and other graphical presentations on your file
  • You can lock your PDF to make it the content protected from copy; you can also set passwords to unlock and access the file
  • You can also modify the metadata of your PDF document
  • And much more


Today, you can find some software and applications on the web to edit your PDF files. But when it comes to the matter of picking up the best of them, then the Wondershare PDFelement has no competition near it. It is a complete PDF editor which comes with all essential features and still available as a free download!

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