10 Password Protection Tips Every Internet User Must Know

password protectionWhen I read the article that was published last week on a list of stolen passwords, sincerely downplayed. After a few days, again the same story repeated with gmail and yahoo accounts.

For those of us 95% via the Internet, not only applies to virtual or telecommuting assistance but also those who have taken to www essential as a means of support, payment, exchange, socialization, or consultation, we all take the necessary precautions so that nothing surprises us, updating anti-virus filtering and spam senders, please consult our contacts if we have sent the file via chat, among other things … I think we’ve learned!

However, we are not exempt from the unthinkable happens. Well, at home, office or in your neighborhood, you always take your precautions when own safety and that of our loved ones. Then, computer security issue as well as antivirus, secure pages, etc.., Would you stop to check how secure are your passwords?

Having a strong password is essential to safeguard our security and privacy on the web.

Here are my top ten tips to always consider when choosing your virtual key word.

  1. Under no circumstances must enter credit card information, bank accounts and alias accounts or passwords, requested by email. This method does not use any service provider.
  2. When creating a new password is good advice to be alphanumeric (containing letters and numbers), at least one of the letters can be uppercase, and if they want to raise a little more security can use any symbol on it (a * for example).
  3. A password must be a word that other people or programs cannot easily deduce or guess.
  4. If we want a really secure password, you must create a password that is not a proper name, or no existing word, regardless of language.
  5. If you think about combining its own data (initials, ID number, date of birth, etc.) can generate a password infallible, we are wrong.
  6. How to avoid extra tip to use other means of access to their accounts, as you provide access even if you have Windows Live installed on your PC, since it does not know how these passwords were obtained and best care.
  7. It is important that exceed the 5-digit password for added security.
  8. There are very common passwords to try not to use q. There in the web a list of passwords to avoid using.
  9. You should use different passwords if you have more than one email account or access to other websites. I think this is the error common to all, me included! : Oh
  10. My personal advice: arm yourself a listing in the most used application (Word, Excel, Notes) with all of your sites, subscriptions, mail boxes, neatly with your username and password and then mail it back to where. In my case I use an Excel and obviously, am password protected! That redundancy! But in these cases is better than on not missing!

Here are pages for GMail, Hotmail, and Yahoo with tips on creating strong passwords.

PasswordMaker: A Firefox add-on where you memorize one master password and let the program randomly generate a key for ultra secure each site you visit (key characters full of unpronounceable). Passwords are not stored anywhere, are generated in real time, so nobody can steal it from you.

Did I forget to mention any vital point here, please help me with your valuable comments. What practices you are doing to protect your password from getting cracked? Please shares it with us.

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Azad Shaikh

Azad Shaikh is an internet geek at heart. Azad like to write about anything related to computers, internet, hacking, business and marketing. He is a computer engineering graduate and certified ethical hacker.
  • Good tips Azad! Will download that Firefox application pronto…

    • Its feel good that someone like my tips. You had been reading our blog for some time and must have seen the changes we are going through.
      I like your blog too and recommended to my college friends for there interviews and resume.
      Lot more new feature are coming soon, stay connected.