5 Ways to Get Blogging Ideas from Your Audience


5 Ways to Get Blogging Ideas from YourBlogging is a great passion, which can give you an opportunity to express your ideas, views and things about the subject you love. Of late, there is a fad of blogging, being witnessed over the web landscape, thanks to the internet marketers who consider it as a big boon to promote their business. It also helps in establishing yourself as a credible and a strong voice in your chosen niche subject thus becoming an important resource for people looking out for interesting and quality content. At the same time, a good reader base is the lifeline of any blog, without traffic, a blog can be a body without soul. Hence, you would see bloggers putting their efforts to draw a tangible amount of traffic towards their blog. Since blogging is all about speaking your readers and target audience, hence it would be wiser if you sometime take some cool blogging ideas from the audience. This can help you in strengthening the bonds between the blogger and reader to a great extent. So, how about checking some of the best blogging ideas from your target audience as under:

 1. Encourage comments by asking questions.

The first way to start getting blogging ideas from your audience is to encourage comments by simply asking specific and straight opinion based questions usually at the end of your blog posts. People irrespective of the taste, habits and flair simply love to talk about themselves. The moment you offer your readers an opportunity to share any personal opinion or story, you trigger out a communication for tons of inspiration and valuable clues for the things you would want from them.

2. Set up a survey or poll.

The moment you see them saying and talking, keep on posing questions for which you want the answer for. The direct questions, which simply need one mouse click to answer, would certainly make things simple for you to get the insight of your audience. If you have a blog over WordPress, you can find a couple of plugins, which help you in adding up a poll or setting up a survey. Simply hunt out the relevant widget and start dropping down the HTML code after your blog post to create a survey. Once you create a poll first of all you need to find out what you really want to know. Are you keen to ask a couple of questions to find a right feeling about the larger idea or are you simply interested in presenting few answers to any one question and to find out to which they are seen agreeing on. You basically want to know the type of posts your readers would like to read the several days they visit your blog and kind of trend, which impresses them. All these can be easily sought out with the help of a survey of the target audience.

3. Leveraging social media.

The other way of doing this is to use social media for the crowd source’s ideas. This social networking site you choose would depend upon where you have the largest crowd or number of followers. For instance, if you have a good fan following on Facebook you can get good ideas and insights from your friend list over this social networking site.  The idea of getting some tangible kind of responses is to keep you engaged with these people. Carry out your conversations by trying some hash tags, but at the same time you should be diligent enough to answer to people who respond to your call. By being attentive to these people would simply motivate the element of confidence and loyalty.

4. Launch a reader request series.

This is one of the best ways to build up a good and personal bond with your audience/readers and applaud those who simply love your blog posts and find your advice credible. Think of creating a blog post wherein you can say that you now want to discuss the audience in the reader’s style, pattern and beauty over your blog. Most of the times, you would find that what annoys any reader could be bothering a lot many people. At such junctures, you would need to put sample questions encourage them or simply push a close friend to support you to get rid of the things with stirring circumstances or conundrum.

5. Email to get in touch.

This is one of the simplest ways of asking your readers about the ideas about your blogging efforts, but can yield the least kind of response. Nevertheless, it is always a good idea to tell your readers that you are accessible to you on a personal level for these things. They may find your email to get in touch with anything they want in your blogging efforts, yet putting in a special blog post once in a blue moon can really encouraging and helpful.

Final words:

Getting ideas from your readers or target audience is always a good way to improvise and enhance on your blogging efforts. The above are some of the ways in which you can find ideas from your audience. Try them out!

About Author:

Rakesh is an internet marketer, owner at himwebsolutions.in and teechymantra.com


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