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I had been working with WordPress for about 1 year. Lots of tips and tricks I had learned in my wordpress journey. Lots of videos and ebooks I had read about WordPress but never found any complete ebook on WordPress fulfilling my WordPress hunger until December 2009. Here by I am revealing my best source of WordPress knowledge.

“Digging Into WordPress”

Digging Into WordPressThis is not just another book teaching you how to install basic WordPress and some free themes and plugins. If you want to learn basics of WordPress setups and free themes and plugins I would recommend you to  visit: .

But if you are serious about your blog/website and want to build an awesome, highly optimize, secure blog/website than Digging Into WordPress is just the right book for you. Digging Into WordPress is perfect for WordPress users in the beginner to intermediate range, but contains plenty of great information for the advanced user as well. If you have any level of experience working with web design or WordPress, this book is written to help you take WordPress to the next level.

I had gathers some reviews on Digging Into WordPress. Let see what readers have to say about this book.

Jean-Baptiste Jung says

Being often called an expert myself when it comes to WordPress, I can say that the work done by Chris and Jeff is truely amazing. I have learnt new things, remembered some I forgot, and most notably, I had a real great time reading this awesome work, which show the author definitive passion for WordPress.
A wonderful book that any serious web developer should have in his collection.

Glenn Cahill says

I purchased the PDF version and it’s one of the best purchases I have EVER brought! I live in the UK and have been following Chris Coyier for a few years now watching his tutorials and keeping up to date with his practices… So thanks Chris for the effort in producing this book…

I would definitely recommend this book to anyone looking to learn things in the WordPress side of our industry…

Fresh Click Media says

The book’s absolutely jam-packed with useful information, and I learned a few things, despite having used WordPress for a while myself. That said, it starts off very gently, and is suitable to WordPress beginners, too. The written style is very easy to read, and the prose is complemented beautifully by helpful diagrams, screenshots and sidenotes.

Top Reasons for Digging Into WordPress Being the best Book on WordPress

400 Pages of Practical Information

There is much to learn about the World’s most popular publishing platform. From your first steps of learning about WordPress all the way through maintaining a site throughout the years, this book is packed with truly practical information.

Beautiful Custom Design

Design-wise, Digging Into WordPress is a beautiful book: every page of the book is printed with stunning digital-color precision on gloss-finish paper, with each of its eight chapters color-coded to provide quick and easy navigation. With its large, clear typography, each page is easy on the eyes and easy to read.

PDF Version

All printed copies of the book include a PDF version that you can read on your computer (or you can buy the PDF version alone). We know it’s nice to have a real book to hold in your hands, but the PDF is also great for three big reasons:

  1. Hyperlinked. All the many URL’s in the book you can just click to go to the web page referenced. There is also internal linking – you can click links in the table of contents to jump to those sections.
  2. Copy & Paste code. Much easier to grab code via copy & paste than retyping from scratch. Of course the page numbers in the book and PDF match, so if you are reading the book you can jump over to the PDF and go to that page to copy and paste. You’ll always know exactly where that code is.
  3. Search. The book has an appendix, but that’s never quite as good as just using your PDF readers search feature to find what you are looking for.

A Lifetime Subscription

When you buy this book, you will instantly get the most current version. But also, you are getting a lifetime subscription to all updated (PDF) copies of the book. Updates will automatically be emailed to you as they are released.

Still confused about its creditability Download a free PDF sample of the book..

Here are some of the awesome techniques that you will learn from Digging Into WordPress:

  • Setup multiple loops the right way
  • Setup page-specific menu styles
  • Create the perfect sidebar (and multiple sidebars)
  • Import and display Twitter, Delicious, and more
  • Create, customize, and use child themes
  • Implement multiple themes for your visitors
  • Widgetize your sidebar and virtually anything else
  • Learn the inside tips for choosing the best plugins
  • Create your own custom theme functions
  • Maximize WordPress as a Content Management System (CMS)
  • Configure and optimize your WordPress feeds
  • Setup and distribute your feeds with Feedburner
  • Add feed images, style your feeds, and add custom content
  • Customize and optimize the WordPress Comments Area
  • Learn about custom comment loops, threaded comments, and more
  • Learn the best ways to defend against spam
  • Optimize your site for the search engines
  • Control duplicate content and optimize your permalinks
  • How to track your site’s statistics to measure success
  • Secure WordPress, your files, database, and content
  • How to monitor and fix errors
  • Optimize the performance your site
  • ..and much, much more!

Plus hundreds more tips, tricks and techniques sprinkled throughout the book. As you learn the hows, whens, and whys of maximizing WordPress, you get many super-cool techniques and tons of great inside information along the way.

Digging Into WordPress

About the Authors of Digging Into WordPress

Digging Into WordPress is written by Chris Coyier and Jeff Starr, who eat their own dog food when it comes to talking WordPress. Between them, nearly 100 WordPress sites manufactured. They work with and write about WordPress just about every day, sharing WordPress tips and tricks at the book’s companion site, Beyond working with WordPress, both Chris and Jeff are professional web developers and designers, applying many years of cumulative experience into every aspect of web and graphic design.

Chris Coyier is a real world web designer who has been reaching for WordPress to power client sites for many years. He subscribes to the theory that not only is WordPress capable of powering any website it is almost always the right choice.

Jeff Starr has been designing and developing WordPress-powered sites since 2005. He develops WordPress plugins, creates WordPress themes, and writes lots of articles about WordPress, Web Design, Social Media, and everything else. He prefers to view WordPress as a fluid medium of digital expression rather than a mere collection of files and functions.

Have you already read Digging Into WordPress, then please share your reviews about this book in comment section.

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