Best Pomodoro Timer Free Tools


Introduction to Pomodoro Technique.

Pomodoro-TechniqueThe Pomodoro Technique by Cirillo is one of the simplest productivity improvement methods to implement. Your only need is a timer. I recommend you to read Cirillo’s book, The Pomodoro Technique, for more and detail understanding. Here’s how to get started with Pomodoro, in five steps:

  1. Decide a task you want to complete.
  2. Set your Pomodoro Timer to 25 minutes
  3. Work on that task until your Pomodoro Timer rings
  4. Now take a short break (5 is best for 25 minute of work)
  5. After every Four Pomodoros take a longer break (20 to 30 mins recommended)

Below Are The Best Free Pomodoro Timer Tools

Pomodoro Web Applications

  • – As this is a web application you don’t have to install anything. They provide a very good timer and tracking tool for free. It’s very simple and basic to use.
  • – This is not a web application, it’s a AIR application and thus can work on any platform. The free plan include the timer. They also have a paid plan that include task management, time tracking, and data backup and reporting.
  • – Web based very simple application. You have option to select Pomodoro, short break or long break timer.
  • Its Adobe Air application for working with the Pomodoro technique. Free download and have option to manage task list and assign timer to each task list.

Pomodoro Windows Applications

  • is one of the best windows application for Pomodoro. It also have GTD system implemented. You can manage task, assign time, track time and have good reporting features. This is the one I used and recommend.
  • – also have dedicated windows application.
  • – A portable Windows app that not only acts as a session timer, it can also be used to record what you did in each session for a daily review, too.
  • -An animated Pomodoro Technique timer. It’s pretty simple and has no additional task management features.
  • Pomodoro Windows 7 gadget – If you have Windows 7, you can install this simple desktop gadget to time your pomodoros.

Pomodoro Mac Applications

If you know any other awesome Pomodoro tool that I missed out then please let us know in comment. I will include it in my list.



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