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Secret Content Marketing Techniques Nobody Talking About

Generally, the content marketing is the strategic marketing approach which focused on creating as well as distributing relevant, consistent and valuable content to retain and attract the clearly defined audiences and ultimately drives the profitable customer action.  The main purpose of the content marketing is to attract the people attention with useful information. The content must include relevant information and SEO friendly. It is also important to produce the fresh content and plagiarism free. When it comes to online business, no one can escape from the content marketing and SEO techniques. The valuable content will attract and convert the prospects into customers and also customers into repeated buyers.

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Top Free Classified Ads Posting Sites in India

Free Classified ads are best way to market your products and services. Its free and if done right could be very efficient. There are many classified websites in India. I had compiled a list of top 30 classified ads posting sites in India.

I encourage you to check out all of them. These sites can get you sales as well as some quality backlinks. Please don’t abuse/spam them.

You should also check out classified ads posting gigs on Fiverr.


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If you think I had forgot any important classified site then please let me know in comments.

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5 Quick Tips to Sell More

1. Tell him what you lose

It is not enough to tell your customer what they earn when you buy your product. Tell him what you lose if you do not buy it. Many people react to fear of losing more than the desire to win. For example, saying that health insurance not only helps to obtain quality medical care, but it avoids having to sell your home to pay for that care.

2. Give a pleasant surprise

Just as an unpleasant surprise can kill a sale, a nice can help you close it. This is the case of unexpected extras, offered immediately before your prospect makes the last action to complete a purchase. For example, they reported that the car you buy is about to receive a coupon to make it free polarized glasses. This kind of surprises helps you eliminate last-minute hesitation.

3. Delivers the product quickly

The faster you can deliver your product or service, more sales. If you cannot deliver all or part of your product immediately, add something they can. It may be something simple, like a series of helpful hints regarding your product, only available on your site to new customers.

4. Facilitates Purchase

The easier and faster purchasing process, fewer opportunities to give your customers pull back on their buying decision. Every step is not essential should be eliminated. This is of great importance in online transactions, in which the prospect is always one click away from leaving your site (not back), or in auto sales on credit, in which the prospects investigated in several agencies and provided There is the possibility that another has a faster and simpler protocol.

5. Test, test and test

Make marketing actions in parallel to see which ones work best. For example, if you do a shipment of promotional emails, tested on two different subject lines to see what works best. Do the same with the heads of the ads, or with two different newspapers.

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7 Ideas to Make Your Website Sell

Starting to sell on a website is not as simple as that. In fact, it’s almost normal to see that entrepreneurs start a website and believe that by merely installing it on a web server, sales come almost immediately. Months later discover that things aren’t well, and quickly lose interest or blame their web designer.

This post will present some simple ideas you can use to start selling on its website.

What  Your Company Sells?

Sometimes I get to sites that look promising, but I cannot understand what they sell. Many companies spend a difficult to define why they are there. Be sure to state clearly what your business sells. This message must be the first thing your visitors to read. Most visitors have neither the time nor the patience to discover what your company sells.

Remember that all visitors come to your site asking: “What’s in it for me”. The sooner you answer this question, the more likely that your site visitors to continue operation, and therefore may be purchasing something. Show the benefits to keep reading and buying into place.

Who is Your Company?

Unless your company is Coca-Cola or Microsoft, it is best to include in its website all information regarding your company. Before anyone spends a penny with you, that someone will want to know who is doing business.

Be sure to put on its website the details of your company, your email account (with a link to enable them to communicate with one click and you),  your phone and do not forget to put your physical address. It is also good idea to include photographs, of your company, your staff or offices. The photographs communicate a lot of information and facilitate the process to buyers online.

ecommerce websiteDoes your order page easy to find?

Many companies link shyly hiding their purchases, almost afraid to tell the visitor that his goal is to sell something. This obviously is the biggest of errors. If your goal is to sell, put a link on every page led to information requests. Highlight this, without fear or doubt: “Click here to see prices and how to order.

Offer Different Ways to Buy.

That your company has a website does not mean that all sales must be online. Include in your website a phone the sales department, the data to make a bank transfer, and even your business address so they may send a check. Many may enter their credit card, but others may prefer to operate in ways more traditional. Why lose those sales.

Include Comments from satisfied customers (Put Testimonials).

It is very convenient to put testimonials. One of the first items that people buy your product, you build confidence. Testimonials from satisfied customers are a great tool to build that trust. But be honest with them, these testimonials have credibility if they include the full name of his client, their company name and where they can be contacted.

Promote Your Site.

According to studies, your client should visit at least 7 times your site before finalizing a purchase. Therefore, it is an excellent idea to increase the number of visitors. The more visitors you have, the more sales. Get noticed through newsletters, newsgroups, alliances with other sites, or hire a company that is dedicated to all these things for you. While the promotion of the website is not terribly complex, it requires that you invest time and energy into it, which otherwise would be far better to devote to their own business.

Remember that the Internet is an information-based medium.

more profit sellingPeople connect to find good information. Add some items to your site to talk about their area of specialty. If you sell long distance service, place articles on how to handle calls at work and on development of telephone services. Need not be long; a few paragraphs are sufficient to readers in a hurry. If you see an item you like for your site to another site or newsletter, send an e-mail to the author to ask for permission to place it on yours.

You can increase sales immediately given a few simple guidelines when designing or updating your site. Let start selling.

Love to see what you think about these ideas. You are always welcome to share more ideas. Feel free to comment.

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Affiliates Marketing Never Explained So Simply

The affiliate marketing has been a staple of the scene of Internet marketing for many years. It is widely used to generate interesting sums of money, both by manufacturers and / or services as more vendor’s experienced. But, do you really get paid for being affiliate marketing? Let’s look for more information …

Basically affiliate marketing is an agreement between the owner of a website and a merchant. The website owner is actually a poster for the merchant or product creator. The agreement between the two is a contract that stipulates that the site owner can use several methods including the space on its website to promote products of the merchant. Meanwhile, the merchant agrees to pay a percentage of each sale generated through the affiliate website.

This benefits both parties, the creator abandons product, and does nothing to promote products, while the affiliate pays nothing for the research and development of new products.

This creates a win-win situation.

The product creator wins by saving money on advertising, which is one of the most expensive to do business, to pass this cost to members.
Basically it is a pay for performance, since the trade agreement does not generate any cost until the sale takes place.

The affiliate can earn by selling a product already developed, saving time and money by not having to deal with R & D and product creation.
With a product already developed and tested by the merchant, all you have to do as an affiliate is to find customers that will bring benefits for the merchant to it.

Another benefit for the member is a pre-delivery time to join. Usually when you accept the Membership will deliver a web page identical to that of the owner of the product but with your affiliate link, this website has a powerful sales letter that need not be an expert to promote a product.

Due to the global reach of the Internet is very easy to reach tens of thousands of prospects for almost any product line. It is also very easy to increase their affiliate marketing efforts to exploit new
strategies and products such as viral marketing, ebooks, special reports and autoresponders.

Finally, affiliate marketing as you can get to pick and choose among different products to promote. You’re not married to a specific product, or even a specific product type. Your risks are minimal, because
no firm long-term contracts so that if a product does not bring you profit quickly and easily change the product instantly.

List of popular affiliate marketplaces and networks:

With all this, affiliate marketing is still a great way to earn money from Internet. Perform specific research to find a hungry market, find a good product and go!