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Time Management – You Will Love This

I want to address an issue that affects our day to day not only in our working lives but also in our personal and family life, and what better to start with some questions to think and answer honestly. What time began yesterday? Did you start your first appointment or activity according to what I had planned on their agenda? If I had time for lunch? Does your lunch was uneventful and a right time? Did you fail to have planned activities? Do your work activities continued into the night and had no time to spend with family? Was in bed at a good time to rest and recharge for another day? At what time did your day start today?

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3 Keys to Release The Creativity of Any Groups

Sooner or later, any group that works together, whether employees of the same office, volunteers in a nonprofit organization,Creativity or leaders of a management team must develop creative ideas for innovation. Unfortunately, what usually happens when the leader asks the group nominated … “Give me your best ideas,” the response is limited to standard answers, conventional responses or blank stares. The leader then would think … hopefully these hard working employees also have some creativity!

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97 Ways to Keep Yourself Motivated

Everyone needs some kind of motivation so i had try to list out 97 points for your motivation. Please read them carefully and they are worth the time.Motivation


1) Determine your own level of satisfaction and that of his people
2) Demonstrate their competence at every opportunity
3) If you get bad results, check your own motivation and your team
4) Do not assume that you are “visible” – make sure it is

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