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How to Strikethrough in Skype | Skype Formatting Guide

We can’t deny the fact that Skype has made our life more comfortable. It is there for doing things together despite the distance. It provides the services of texts, voice messages, and video callings. So whether you are in America, U.K. or even in China, Australia, you can still be connected with all the people who matter to you. Not only talks or discussions, but you can also share a story, celebrate events in a group chat, and learn a new language. Overall, it is one of the best programs created by far to use on phone, computer, or TV. Moreover, it’s free!

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How to Mute Someone on Skype

Today, I will guide you how you can mute somebody on Skype during a call, chat, unknown contacts, or spamming talks.

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RockMelt, Social Surfing Made Fun and Easy

Social networking is the center of internet activity for people across all age groups. Almost everybody enjoys being connected with their friends and family whether by reading their latest tweets, photos or chat messages. With this in mind, the creators of RockMelt designed a solution that seamlessly integrates everything we love into a nifty browser.

RockMelt is a social media web based browser that lets you integrate your social media accounts. Unlike any other browser, RockMelt veered away from the central focus of fast page load times to a whole new social network experience. The browser has three main components; the Friend Edge, App Edge and Search Bar.

Familiar look

Their tagline “Your browser, Re-imagined” represents the very essence of RockMelt. It runs on the Chromium platform so users of Google Chrome will find it very familiar not only in the interface but in browser performance as well. At the same time, it re-imagines the web experience evolving from merely being more than a tool for web browsing to a platform for social interaction. The extensibility of RockMelt is uncanny as it is compatible with thousands of readily available Google Chrome extensions.

The very essence of RockMelt lies in Facebook. You are actually required to log-in to Facebook before you gain access to all of the browser’s features. As it is, RockMelt is just another Google Chrome spinoff but when logged in, it automatically loads your bookmarks and preferences, Facebook friend’s list and news feeds from your sites.

This lets you have a consistent RockMelt experience wherever you use a computer. The development team revealed that the architecture of the site would let them easily add other social network services in the future.

Stay Connected with Friends

One of the major components of RockMelt is its Friend Edge feature. It’s a thin sidebar to the left that shows a list of either your favorite friends or those who are available online for Facebook chat. Clicking on the portraits opens a pop up that displays updates from their Facebook and Twitter accounts. Your profile can be viewed by clicking on your portrait at the Friend Edge Bar. This is where you can update your Facebook status message or Twitter timeline.

The App Edge feature could be found at the right side of the screen. This contains a list of all your favorite sites and alerts you in push notification style. This mainly uses RSS feeds that are compatible with many websites. As a matter of fact, every time you visit a website with RSS it automatically creates an app for it. You could then add it to your favorites for easy access in the future. Apps for social networks are available as well. You can see your Facebook newsfeeds and notifications with the Facebook App. It also updates your Twitter timeline and supports lists with the Twitter App.

Search Made Easy

RockMelt has a feature filled Omnibox, but also a unique search bar. Whenever a search is performed, a drop down list of search results from your specified search engine is displayed. RockMelt then pre-renders these pages so that whenever a link is clicked it loads on your background almost instantly.

This search feature is designed to make searching faster without having to open multiple tabs just to be sure it’s a site with relevant content. Beside the search bar is a Search button that lets you share that website thru Facebook or Twitter.

RockMelt has certainly taken an interesting turn in browser innovation by incorporating something actually relevant – Social networking. The features of the browser make it easy for friends and families to keep in touch in a single location. So if you’re searching for a Social Networking App, you could drop by RockMelt and see what the site has to offer.

Download RockMelt Now.

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Are you monitoring your online reputation!

As social networks take more importance as a channel to engage with our clients, customers, colleagues and competitors, the concept of online reputation is becoming increasingly important. Not only must actively engaged in building a solid online reputation, , but should care that it be kept as clean and transparent as possible.

Such is the importance of this concept, that every day they develop new tools to effectively measure, if such a thing is possible-the level of acceptance of our presence in the network. An example of this are the new companies that are building whose sole purpose is to provide this service. For example, who presents an analytical application online to measure online reputation of Websites and Brands.

Meanwhile, we can take some preventive actions of daily frequency, which will help us detect any germ of “online killers”, i.e. users who openly engage depose and say negative things about a brand or person. It is estimated that the percentage of killers online does not exceed 3% of users, and for many brands and sites, the percentage is close to zero. But the best is to detect only the message was made public, to cut off the possibility that the same is replicated, leaving indelible marks on our behalf.

Some quick points to protect your online reputation:

  • Googles your name, your brand and your site daily. Create a Google Alert with these three concepts. Look for these words on Twitter, and also subscribe to an RSS feed with them. Now that has all the information, determine what you say.
  • Thank positive mentions, and syndication of its articles. Take advantage when this happens to volunteer as guest writer, offering exclusive material to the site that replied. Not only strengthen their online reputation, but will succeed quality backlinks.
  • Correct any evidence to cite when you or your company is not correct. Offer to complete the information, if it has been cited wrongly or incompletely. Thank you mentioned.
  • If it detects that a customer had a problem with any of their products, offer to fix the problem. Apologize, and reassure him that, regardless of the way, will gain with your purchase. If indeed the product is defective or not do, somehow compensate customers: offer another free product, or a 50% discount on your next purchase, or, in latter case, you return the product while you is responsible for shipping costs.

Online reputation is not built by paid ads, or advertising. They make the same network users, you too. So it is so difficult to control something that is created by a group of people, a collective. But if you do things correctly, nobody will have anything to say except praise. Users have memory and are grateful when the interaction is successful at 100%. That is the underpinning of a successful online business.

Share your experience on online reputation with us. I would like to know what you think about it.