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How to Get Facebook Ads Coupons Vouchers

Facebook is a very simple but most powerful advertising platform. Publishing your ad on Facebook is very beneficial compared to other Ad platforms. There are some ways Facebook ads help you in growing your business which includes brand awareness, direct sales, and lead generation. You can use Facebook as a funnel and not just driving direct sales from Facebook Ads.


Facebook Ad Campaigns are more beneficial compared to any other ad platforms. Let us look at some important benefits of using Facebook Platform for your advertisement:

  • Facebook provides more page views than Google, means a massive traffic source.
  • Facebook ads are more targeted than any other Ad platform, you can pinpoint your ads to the extremely targeted prospects.
  • Average CPC of Facebook Ads is only 0.40, which is much lesser than Google costing to $1, you get lowest CPC (even one cent per click is possible) on Facebook.
  • It is very simple to set up your first ad campaign on Facebook, easy to track and keep up.
  • Facebook openly provides email and phone support so you can place your ads cheerfully. You can try the customer support of other ad platforms, no one provides better service than Facebook.

Now, concentrating on our topic which is centralized on saving your ad budget, the way we are talking to save your money is using Facebook Ads Coupons and Vouchers to get some free advertising credit. There are a lot of people on the web saying that they will give you Facebook Ad Coupons and vouchers of worth $50 to $100 for a minimal charge. A few of them give free ad coupon codes also. 

Recently Facebook had stop giving Facebook ads credit coupon and made it very hard for people to get free credit. But there are still some possibility to get some free advertising credit from Facebook. Many of the method here might now work now but it’s worth checking time to time to see if any of them started working again.

I will also share some more low-cost methods to market your product/services on Facebook. Some of them even outperform Facebook PPC ads if done properly.

Make sure you check(read) all the five methods.

1) Getting a $50 Free Facebook Ad Coupon from Facebook Itself

Yes, you read correctly! Facebook itself provides a $50 Free Ad coupon code for its new registered users. For this, you need to just create a new Facebook account if you had not created before. After successfully creating your account, you need to create your advertising page. Creating a page is as simple as registration. Customize your page as per Facebook rules and regulations which help you in getting the most out of your Ad campaign.

Then create a Facebook ad campaign and click on the place order button. Do not add any coupon code and fill wrong details of your credit card. Then wait for 2-3 days. Facebook will send you an email most of the time for providing you a free Ad coupon code worth $50, Bingo! Now You can use this code for running your first Facebook Ad campaign for free!

2) Fiverr The $5 Marketplace

As we all know, Fiverr is the most popular online marketplace providing gigs at a base price of $5. There are a few sellers on Fiverr who can give you Facebook Ad Coupons and Vouchers worth $50 or more for $5 only. You just need to create your account on Fiverr, which is as simple as registering on any other site. Then you can check the profiles of these sellers and order according to your need.

Buy from below listed sellers. I had tested most of them and they give working vouchers.


More Facebook Marketing Services for $5.

 3) SEOClerks Marketplace

SEOClerks is the best alternative to Fiverr. Look-alike to Fiverr, it can give Facebook Ad Coupons for a minimal cost (starting at $5). Register your profile and search for Facebook Ad Coupons on SEOClerks. You will find sellers who give Facebook Ad Coupons and Vouchers  at a very low-cost. Not all the coupon codes will be available for a long time, so better you hurry!

Facebook Advertising Related Services (Must check):

4) Credit from Hosting Web Sites

Some of the hosting sites like Hostgator, Bluehost, GoDaddy, justhost, ipage  etc. provides free Facebook Ad coupon vouchers worth $50 to $100 credit in your account if you  host or your domain on these sites or change your servers to them. These credit coupons include Google AdWords, Bing, and Facebook Ad Coupons.

For your update, Facebook is not supporting free coupon codes in some countries because of the increased rate of spam ads. But, still you can give a try to it as it costs you nothing! Try these methods and hope for the best to get your Free Facebook Ad Coupon Voucher! Share this article, so most people can take benefit from it. Mention in the comment if you find a good way of having a Facebook Ad Coupon, we will be happy to hear from you.

I hope some of them work for you. I also highly recommend you to check out Fiverr and SEOClerks for cheap advertisement gigs/services. Lets us know in comments if you find any working method to get facebook ads coupon credit for new or old accounts.

All the best with Facebook Marketing!

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RockMelt, Social Surfing Made Fun and Easy

Social networking is the center of internet activity for people across all age groups. Almost everybody enjoys being connected with their friends and family whether by reading their latest tweets, photos or chat messages. With this in mind, the creators of RockMelt designed a solution that seamlessly integrates everything we love into a nifty browser.

RockMelt is a social media web based browser that lets you integrate your social media accounts. Unlike any other browser, RockMelt veered away from the central focus of fast page load times to a whole new social network experience. The browser has three main components; the Friend Edge, App Edge and Search Bar.

Familiar look

Their tagline “Your browser, Re-imagined” represents the very essence of RockMelt. It runs on the Chromium platform so users of Google Chrome will find it very familiar not only in the interface but in browser performance as well. At the same time, it re-imagines the web experience evolving from merely being more than a tool for web browsing to a platform for social interaction. The extensibility of RockMelt is uncanny as it is compatible with thousands of readily available Google Chrome extensions.

The very essence of RockMelt lies in Facebook. You are actually required to log-in to Facebook before you gain access to all of the browser’s features. As it is, RockMelt is just another Google Chrome spinoff but when logged in, it automatically loads your bookmarks and preferences, Facebook friend’s list and news feeds from your sites.

This lets you have a consistent RockMelt experience wherever you use a computer. The development team revealed that the architecture of the site would let them easily add other social network services in the future.

Stay Connected with Friends

One of the major components of RockMelt is its Friend Edge feature. It’s a thin sidebar to the left that shows a list of either your favorite friends or those who are available online for Facebook chat. Clicking on the portraits opens a pop up that displays updates from their Facebook and Twitter accounts. Your profile can be viewed by clicking on your portrait at the Friend Edge Bar. This is where you can update your Facebook status message or Twitter timeline.

The App Edge feature could be found at the right side of the screen. This contains a list of all your favorite sites and alerts you in push notification style. This mainly uses RSS feeds that are compatible with many websites. As a matter of fact, every time you visit a website with RSS it automatically creates an app for it. You could then add it to your favorites for easy access in the future. Apps for social networks are available as well. You can see your Facebook newsfeeds and notifications with the Facebook App. It also updates your Twitter timeline and supports lists with the Twitter App.

Search Made Easy

RockMelt has a feature filled Omnibox, but also a unique search bar. Whenever a search is performed, a drop down list of search results from your specified search engine is displayed. RockMelt then pre-renders these pages so that whenever a link is clicked it loads on your background almost instantly.

This search feature is designed to make searching faster without having to open multiple tabs just to be sure it’s a site with relevant content. Beside the search bar is a Search button that lets you share that website thru Facebook or Twitter.

RockMelt has certainly taken an interesting turn in browser innovation by incorporating something actually relevant – Social networking. The features of the browser make it easy for friends and families to keep in touch in a single location. So if you’re searching for a Social Networking App, you could drop by RockMelt and see what the site has to offer.

Download RockMelt Now.

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Automatically Invite All Your Friends To Your Facebook Pages, Groups Or Events

[contentblock id=11] This is really a powerful tool, because clicking every friends one by one is a really tedious job.
1.In Mozilla Firefox, go to your Event, Group or page and click “Invite People”.

2.Once the page has loaded you should see all of your friends, but they are not selected.

3.At this point, copy and paste the java script code below into your Web browser’s address bar, then hit “Enter”.

javascript:elms=document.getElementById(‘friends’).getElementsByTagName(‘li’);for(var fid in elms){if(typeof elms[fid] === ‘object’){[fid]);}}


javascript:fs.select_all();return false;

4.If all goes well, it selects all of your friends! Now Click Send Invitations, and you’re done!

Easy as that, and it just took 1 second to invite all your friends. Wow!

I had test this JavaScript with Google Chrome and it works.

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Get Custom Profile Link For Facebook

I had started using Facebook from this month (Nov. 2009). To be honest my main reason was to promote my blogs but later on i really started enjoying it. One week ago I came to a profile: I was wondering how she got profile URL with her name. I asked her but she too was not having any clue about it. But now I know how to get custom profile url for yourself. I will share it with you.

I had changed my profile URL from this to this today.

You will able to choose a username on a first-come, first-serve basis for your profile and the Facebook Pages that you administer by visiting

[contentblock id=13]It will show options based on your actual name in Facebook profile or you can chose any other username. Your username may contain alphanumeric characters (A-Z, 0-9) or a period or full stop (”.”). Once you select a username, you cannot change or transfer it (so, be careful). If you think, “why the hell use this to make Facebook profile public that can be leeched by search engines?” – Well, you can chose cool looking username and still keep away from search engine listing. Using privacy settings.

Grab your Custom URL Facebook username for easy looks, sharing and searchable (if you want that!).

Note: You cannot change the username later, so be sure to grab a good one!

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Very Useful Facebook Chatting Tips/Tricks


[contentblock id=20 img=adsense.png]

Facebook Chat is very cool, at least it allows you to send instant messages to online Facebook contacts. However I’m not really a fan of the chat bar being at the bottom of the page, what if I’ve left Facebook but still wants to remain chatting with my Facebook contacts? If you are using Firefox/IE, you can place the Facebook Chat in other tab.

Follow this:

  • Login to your facebook profile.
  • Open (Facebook has deprecated this functionality. 🙁 )
  • Bookmark it for your later use.

Start using facebook chat more easy way.

Some frequently used Facebook Chat Emoticons:

Code Emoticon
“:)” Happy
“:(“ Sad
“:P” Tongue
“:D” Grin
“:O” Gasp
“;)” wink
“8)” Glasses
“B)” Sunglasses
“:3” cute/cat-like
“>:(“ Grumpy
“:/” Unsure
“:’(“ Cry
“3:)” Devil
“O:)” Angel
“:-*” Kiss
“^_^” KIKI
“-_-“ Squint
“O.o” Confused
“>:O” upset
“<3” Heart
“:v” Pacman
“:|]” robot
“:putnam:” Chris Putnam (Facebook Engineer)
“(^^^)” Shark
“<(“)” Penguin

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