How To Naturally Increase Your Facebook Likes

facebook likesIncreasing number of Facebook “likes” is the important social media’s version of building subscribers to our list of services.

One of the famous Facebook specialist states that for them Facebook are in twice compared to the list of email list. Steve Gaither from JB Chicago reports that conversion rates of Facebook and twitter are very powerful one compared to other social media marketing campaigns.

Conversion rate of Facebook and Twitter

These are the summery of JB Chicago founded from their campaigns.

  • Organic Twitter: 8-9%
  • Paid Twitter: 1-3 %
  • Facebook organic: 20-30%
  • Facebook ads: 18-20%

According to the famous company CEO chairman stated that “we’re getting incredible engagement numbers between 3-5% of average promoted tweets from the customer”.

Twitter takes the tweets as the click through, but it also counts retweets, number of replies and favorites in its engagement numbers. Meaning of that is part of ROI includes one-one conversations with fans of the brand.

So that we find how we get more engagement via the social media. This social media is not only the Twitter it also combines the Facebook. Through increasing the number of Facebook likes we can get more social media conversion rate.

Here the simple ways to naturally increase your likes on Facebook is listed below; it can help you get more like on Facebook.

Simple things to increase your Facebook likes

1#: Advertise on Facebook to get more “likes”. This is the quickest way to develop number of fans or followers. The super fashion brand did this to obtain 45,000 fans very quickly.

2#: Rotate your ads every 24 hours that means that change the ads on “DAILY” basis. Because people get tired of when hearing same thing continuously. So that conversion rate may drop up to 50 % after every 24% hours.

3#: Add Facebook social plugin box to your website and blog .most of the likes are getting in this way only.

4#: Run the competition among the peoples. Because everyone likes the competition. And also it is very effective tool for making all the customer participated in the conversation.

5# Initially ask your friends and family members to like the page. It essential one for the beginning.

6# Put “like our page” in bold letters of the landing page.

7# Share the exclusive videos and it is only viewed when the like button is pressed.

8# Whenever you posting the new post on the website or blog make us of your Facebook profile to posting that. Treat Facebook as the extension of your blog or website. Because FB users lovers to get notification and receive your content without looking your blog.

9# Simply provide high resolution photos that will keep track of your audience and make share and like the page on Facebook.

10# Ask questions regularly using Facebook native question app.

11# Include a link on your Facebook page in email signature.

12# Provide a welcome video to your Facebook landing page. So that users can love your landing page.

13# Add a “follow us” on Facebook button near the top of your blog or website.

14# Provide valid reason for the people those who are all like your page in terms of quality content, useful ideas and valuable points to the user.

15# Try to include Facebook like button on your email HTML template so people able to like the pages on ordinary newsletters.

16# Add a large custom banner in your blog and website asking to like the customers

17# Add linked in profile to your Facebook pages.

18# Add the worthy update that relevant to your market or industry niche to your FB page daily.

Concentrating on social media will help you to get high growth rate and increase the value of your product among the people. Also don’t forget to continue your growth on Twitter followers and email subscriber list. You need to concentrate on different social networking channels. This is the most needed one for any internet marketing company to survive in the competitive world.

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