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Download Vista Patch to Improve EVDO Speed in Vista

When you use a 3G wireless wide area network (WWAN) data card on a Windows Vista-based computer. The WWAN data card uses a connection that only receives data. However, you may find that the throughput is much less than the throughput of the same 3G WWAN data card when you use it on a Microsoft Windows XP-based computer.

This is the problem seen by most of the EVDO users. As we know every problem has a solution Microsoft soon comes with a patch to solve it for vista users.

Microsoft has released a patch for Vista that improves EVDO Wireless Data Card performance when running under Vista. This patch is NOT available as part of the Vista software update, you need to download the patch directly from Microsoft. Only genuine OS can download this patch. Ok I know that you are laughing at me. (Everyone know how to activate pirated OS)

Download it Here.