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You Broadband ISP Refund Scam!! Beware

Today I am very angry and frustrated with Youbroadband. They are not refunding my deposit amount. I tried everything; they wasted so much of my time and money talking to their (don’t give a f**k) customer support persons. Moreover, this is not the first time. They did not give me my refund a few years back. Moreover, I have a friend who did not get his refund as well.

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Ctrl+Tab Firefox Hack for Better Tab Switching

Ctrl+Tab-Firefox-Hack-for-Better-Tab-SwitchingJust like in Windows you can switch between Apps/Windows using ALT+TAB, you also switch between Tab in Firefox using Ctrl+Tab. The default setting of Firefox can be tweaked to have better usability. This is a about:config hack and thus make sure you follow this hack properly else you will end up crashing your browser.

You can watch below video screencast or follow instructions after this video.

Watch this video on YouTube.

 Part 1: Enabling the Ctrl+Tab preview feature.

  • Open a new tab and input about:config and hit enter.
  • Click on “I’ll be careful, I promise!” button.
  • Go to search box and enter browser.ctrlTab.previews
  • Change it to true by double clicking on it (or right click and select toggle).

Now when you press Ctrl+Tab you will see a new / better tab switching with previews.

 Part 2: Disable Animations for New Tabs, Tab Groups:

This new Tab preview feature (plus Tab Groups) can be resource intense if your system does not have enough RAM and computing power to spare. To make it work a little faster and lighter we have to do another about:config hack.

Just like in Part 1 of this tutorial go to about:config page and search below keywords and set new them to values.

  • browser.tabs.animate set to false
  • browser.panorama.animate_zoom set to false
  • browser.fullscreen.animateUp set to 0

After this hack, your Firefox will enable the Tab preview feature and disable all the unnecessary animation feature for tabs preview and groups.

If you have any problem or question regarding this hack or want to share any similar hack then please comment below.

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How To Remove Background Noise from Microphone (Windows PC)

The default setting on Windows PC for Microphone is not optimized for background noise reduction. In this blog post I will show you how to remove background noise from microphone.

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Top Q&A (Question-Answer) Website List

Q&A sites are very good to find new customer, get targeted visitor and backlinks to improve your SEO.

The process to get traffic and backlinks is very simple. Just follow below 6 steps and you are good to go.

  1. Complete your profile on their site
  2. Find questions in your niche
  3. Find information/quality answers to questions
  4. Post answer with your link (don’t abuse it)
  5. Communicate with the person to resolve their further questions
  6. Try to gain points and authority on their site my consistent participation

Without further ado; here is my list of Top Q&A (Question/Answer) Website List:

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Top High PR Web 2.0 Sites List

Creating profiles and submitting to Web 2.0 properties is a great way to get backlinks and diversify your link building strategy. Add your link in your profile where possible. Submit and use the sites as applicable on an ongoing basis.