Staying Fit Guide for Internet Geeks

Sitting at your desk and working prolonged hours has become the norm of the day. We all know how unhealthy it is. And yet, we do it day after day thinking that we may somehow beat the statistical odds.

Computer Geeks

5 Ways for Computer Geeks to Avoid Becoming Apes

You’ve surely seen the the comic strip that has flooded the Internet and fronts of t-shirts depicting the evolution of man—first we’re apes, then upright man, then apes again as we spend more and more time hunched in front of a computer screen. With the overwhelming speed in which technology is being developed, most middle-class Americans now have desk jobs. And what’s more, many schools from grade schools to colleges and universities offer online courses or online degrees. Amazingly, you can get almost any kind of degree through online universities nowadays, from an MBA to Criminal Justice. We will all be spending all-too-much time in front of a computer, starting in early childhood all the way until we die. And the people who get the worst of it are all those wonderful computer geeks out there who regularly will spend 10-15 hours a day sitting in front of a screen.

So what can you do to keep from turning into an “ape”? First, you’ll need to know the signs that you’re on your way to looking like a modern-day Quasimodo. You know you have bad posture if: 1) you suffer from frequent neck, should, and back pain, especially while you work, 2) your hips and shoulders aren’t in line when you sit in your computer chair, and 3) people often mention to you that you slouch too much and are starting to look paler than a corpse. Here are five things you can do to keep your posture straight and avoid any long-term effects from too much sitting and hunching:

1. Prepare your desk area. There are positioning strategies for your keyboard, mouse and computer screen that will make it easier for you to sit up straight and avoid any uncomfortable slouching pain. Computer monitors should be about an arms length away, centered in front of you. Your eyes she be in line with the top area of the screen so you can see the entire screen clearly. The keyboard should be directly in front of you, at a distance that allows your elbows to stay close to your body and your wrists to stay straight as you type. Elbows should be about one to two inches above your hips. Mouse placement is arbitrary, depending on right-hand or left-hand laterality. One mouse-using tip is to use your whole are to move it and not just your wrist.

2. Invest in a good chair. Many computer chairs are designed especially to help you maintain good posture. Chairs backs should be shaped to give your lower back support as you lean back into the chair. Feet should be flat on the ground and knees extend two to three finger widths beyond the edge of the chair.

3. Pay attention. Paying close attention to your posture and body position while sitting at your desk can be a huge help in allowing you to break bad slouching habits. If you are having back, should, or neck pain at work, make an effort to notice if your posture is the culprit. Pay attention to how you are sitting. Shoulders and hips should be in line. Shoulders should not be hunched in front of hips, and vice versa. Make a conscious effort to position yourself correctly and keep your posture upright.

4. Take breaks. Our bodies weren’t made to be in a constant sitting position. Taking frequent breaks can relieve some of the tension in your body and reduce pain from improper sitting habits. It’s also important to give your eyes a break from the glare of the computer screen.

5. Exercise Daily. Our bodies need movement to stay healthy. Just as a general rule of health, you should be exercising at least a half hour a day. However, regular exercise can also have the benefit of strengthening your overall muscle tone and improve your sitting posture. You may also want to consider doing exercises while in your seat, such as under-the-desk leg raises or calf stretches.

Here’s to you, computer geeks! Who knows what we would do without you—which is exactly why you shouldn’t let yourself go to the point that your body starts to look like Jafar when he disguised himself as a hunched old man to get Aladdin out of the king’s dungeon.


Motivating Geeks

Everything Has a Price!

In life the human being yet quite difficult to accept that everything has a price, the price talk people automatically associate it with economic value, when the reality is often another, being a professional is the price to stop playing with my friends and that’s not all the time, remember that all extremes are bad, you only have to adjust our time so that you can do anything, the formula is easy.

Define your goal in life:
Definitely this is the basis for many projects not only life, but companies or battalions of war, if you’re not clear about your goals in life there are going to go tumbling, bouncing and always justifying “I do the best I can” but that things do not happen, if your goals are clear, logical and achievable and above all your objectives are not those of someone else as John Maxwell says in his lecture then you are committed and will find it impossible to achieve them, things happen, people make it happen.

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Prioritize your goals:
Defined objectives and these should be prioritized in order as well as having set times to go measure their compliance, strict?  Of course they have to be strict, a goal is something serious.
Remember that your goals may be in the family, or work or learn many things, the best time to do this is when you are young, as I love my family, my work as I want, how I want my lifestyle these and other questions now that says that good reading would have been asking this before.

Surround yourself with objectives:
Today we see young people that go after fashion; At home her/his parents constantly measure objectives to set an example. Remember that an example let a thousand words, think it makes you to lead, or think about who is your guide in life.  Friendships are one of the most important keys in life, we see in some schools, all high school graduates are already thinking about which college will they and their friends will attend, while others simply compliment the day of graduation and do well in life.  It will be important to place our children where they receive a good influence for the rest of your life.  Of course, the school not only has to be learned books and get qualifications, you must make a good basis for life in general.

Educate yourself:
Whenever you can learn something new do not miss the opportunity in life, the only constant is that every time we are learning something, life is a complete constant change and new technologies is crucial to have this process of adaptation to climate change well developed.
If we realize everything has to be planned in life, the times are very difficult especially for our children, of course we use psychology but not just think they think of you, still have many opportunities to grow as a person to remember is never too late in life to improve.

Cheer up life is beautiful!