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Top 5 Raspberry Pi Alternatives in 2021

Before we talk about the alternatives of the Raspberry pi, let’s take a look at the features of Raspberry. The Raspberry Pi 2 Model B packs a quad-core 900 MHz processor, 4 USB ports, a full HDMI port, 1 GB of RAM, camera and display interfaces, Ethernet port, micro SD card slot, and a GPU for graphics. It can run Linux as well as Windows 10 and costs about $35.

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Best Pomodoro Timer Free Tools | Boost Your Productivity

There are so many blogs on the web about defining different strategies for increasing the productivity rates of individuals as well as groups. But, only a few of them mention the best technique for boosting the productivity, i.e., App. Yes, there is an application which can help you to make a drastic change in your work efficiency rate and that too without increasing the time limit or disturbing your routine. That app is Pomodoro.

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Best Bolt Carrier Group of 2019

Like every other tool, your weapon should be maintained properly. To improve the weapon’s longevity and functionality, you should regularly check and clean and service it. The choice of the best bolt carrier group is difficult not because of the too many brands or products available in the market, but due to the lack knowledge of the top performing products among the users. So, we have made a list of the best bolt carrier group of 2019 here to help you choose the right and complete bolt carrier group.

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Buy Real Twitter Followers – Best Providers List

Among all the social media networks, Twitter is one of the most valuable and popular platform among the users across the world. Whether you are a celebrity, a business tycoon, or an influencers, sometimes you need to buy real twitter followers to grow your popularity and presence on Twitter. For many Twitter users, achieving a high number of followers is a landmark. I have sorted out the list of the “Best Providers to Buy Real Twitter Followers”. They will give you real twitter followers without using any bots. Check the list below and grow your twitter followers list rapidly.