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20 Things You Might Don’t Know About STEVE JOBS

[contentblock id=20 img=adsense.png]`I had been inspired by Steve Jobs for his entrepreneur skills.  So I researched a lot about him on internet and came up with a list of 20 very informative points about Steve Jobs. I don’t think like giving any formal introduction to him as we all know about him (if you don’t then just google him). The movie “Pirates of Silicon Valley” is one of best movie on Steve Jobs watch it if you are interested on Steve Jobs and Bill Gates and a must watch for every entrepreneurs.  Wasting no farther time here is my list:

1. Born in San Francisco but was adopted by Paul and Clara Jobs of Mountain View, California.

2. His biological parents are Joanne Carole Schieble and Abdulfattah Jandali.

3. In the 60s, were discovered bugs in the phone system from AT & T and Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak created ‘blue boxes’ to make free calls illegal long distance.

4. He retreats in India, at the time that Jobs used LSD for enlightenment.

5. In 1985, Jobs is forced out of Apple, a company he had founded.

6. He sold all his shares of Apple except one, to continue attending the meetings of shareholders and receive earnings reports.

7. Jobs bought The Graphics Group, later called Pixar, to George Lucas for $ 10 million.

8. Jobs founded NeXT, a company of advanced computer development.

9. The first server on the World Wide Web and Doom were developed by NeXT computers.

10. In 1996, Apple buys NeXT Company of Jobs and Jobs returns to Apple.

11. For years, Jobs was the terror of the employees because it was dedicated to mass firing of employees.

12. The Steve Jobs official salary is $ 1 per year, making it into the Guinness Record of lowest salary of a CEO.

13. Is being investigated by the government for fraud and tax evasion activities.

14. It is the largest single shareholder in Disney, with 7% of the company in his possession.

15. Besides the three children he has with his wife, Laurene Powell, had a daughter with Lisa Brennan that he has never acknowledged as his.

16. Only eat vegetables and fish.

17. In 1984, bought a Spanish colonial-style mansion in California, who lived for 10 years, virtually unfurnished.

18. In the hall of his mansion he lent a BMW motorcycle that Bill Clinton.

19. He survived pancreatic cancer.

20. Does not get along with Michael Dell.

This is not the complete list, if you are having anything to share about Steve Jobs than please share them under comments.