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Time Management – You Will Love This

[contentblock id=8]I want to address an issue that affects our day to day not only in our working lives but also in our personal and family life, and what better to start with some questions to think and answer honestly. What time began yesterday? Did you start your first appointment or activity according to what I had planned on their agenda? If I had time for lunch? Does your lunch was uneventful and a right time? Did you fail to have planned activities? Do your work activities continued into the night and had no time to spend with family? Was in bed at a good time to rest and recharge for another day? At what time did your day start today?

After answering these questions you may feel proud because you are managing your time efficiently, but more likely it is the opposite. Time is a factor that takes more dominant every day in life and in business, so much so that everything we buy for ourselves or for our company represents time, the razor with more blades for a smooth and quick shave, a light lunch, the most efficient courier service, broadband, 4,000 kb, finally, the list is endless because we are always buying time. Time = Money. The funny thing is that every time we look for more solutions to our problem, but never cut the root problem.

An effective system for managing time

For several months I have been practicing a time management system that seems quite basic but very rewarding and, ultimately, very productive. If you are in an Asian country, weekly working time may vary between 40 to 48 hours per week, so it would average 8 hours of work per day and that equals the recommended daily sleep time.

If we divide the 24 hours a day at 8, we see that the day is well dispersed into thirds, where the first and second third have already been occupied by work and sleep. We must also take into account that at least 2 hours of our day dedicated to the bathing, dressing, eating and other “small activities” aggregating minutes and minutes, so we are 6 hours to get the most.

The proper use of “time off”

These 6 hours are the so-called “free time”, but this is the portion of time that creates the difference between winners and losers, the proper use and exploitation of these remaining 360 minutes every day of our life you can sure taste the success.

Enjoy your travels

Perhaps you will say that the first two hours of “free time” you go on journeys, from home to work and from work to home. But these moves you can use them to study and do not necessarily have to read. There is much material in audio (ready to download to your player) on various topics that may be of interest as leadership, marketing, empowerment, e-business, etc… Just Focus and choose the topic that will make it more efficient and productive. This will not excuse the time spent moving from one place to another.

We already have the first two hours of our “free time” spent in a useful informal study. The use of the remaining 4 hours depending on how your love life.

The time to invest time

If you have not yet decided to form a family this is the ideal time to “invest time” in education and new projects, either stop or start your professional degree or diploma specialization. If possible, invest 100% of this time in being trained, it is preferable to sacrifice some of their social life now and not sacrifice time after that will require your family. Remember this is the time to sow and more fertile land to do so is his intellect, so give the best seed.

Give 100% to your family

I know that having a family time is rather limited, but with good discipline can continue with the plans proposed. Spend 2 hours complete and exclusive to your family relax and disconnect from their work. Being with your family avoid activating the automatic pilot, not do homework with your child while you answer emails on your laptop or your partner do not argue with a family matter while reading a document. Always put 100% of you in every activity. Your family will reward and ambience of your home will be ideal for the activity to take place in the 2 hours remaining.

Two hours to the “brooding new projects”

time for project.Spend these 2 hours remaining to the “brooding of new projects.” Begin to study on your own specific issues that will find free on the Internet. This will probably give you knowledge and ideas to generate new projects and businesses. Also, invest this time to develop these ideas and turn them into concrete business plans ready for implementation.

As soon as these projects become revenue-generating business, the time devoted to them will be part of his 8 hours, and again will have at your disposal for 2 hours “brooding of new projects.” If 8 hours of work are not sufficient to perform their tasks, start to delegate does not become a yo-yo in your business, I am the marketing, I am the production, I am the messenger, etc. The proper use of these 2 hours I routed directly to the success.

Change of habit

This time management system will generate greater efficiency and productivity in their day to day. If you see a little difficult to try to change certain habits than:

1) Plan your day on your calendar and stick to the letter.

2) Start the day earlier, either from 5 or 6 am.

3) Avoid watching TV at night and replacing it with something to read, so you can sleep soundly and recover energy.

Conclusion: The time is subtracted, not added.

Finally, if you have a greater perception of time and the importance it deserves, do not think that a day is another day, on the contrary, a day that passes is one less day you have to realize your goals and dreams. Each hour is an hour less than life is, therefore, if you want to do something, do it now.

Looking forward to your comments.