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Top 3 Twitter Automation Tools for Auto Follow and Unfollow

There are dozens of automation tools available in the market for managing your twitter account. It is difficult to choose the best one from them. We have listed out some of the best twitter automation tools for you. Check them and decide which suits you better.

1# Socialoomph (Best Twitter Automation Tool)

If you want to increase the productivity of your twitter account, then Socialoomph is the best twitter automation tool you will like to use. It does not contain manual process, so it saves you precious time. You can easily schedule your updates according to different time zones. You can follow people who are important for you and can monitor all your twitter activities.

Even when you are not working on the computer, your tweets will be published on time. So, your Twitter account will be flooded with new tweets when you are asleep. You will get email frequently about your twitter tweet stream with your niche keywords. You can track your tweets using these emails to check your replies. For similar posts, you can create a draft and can use it periodically. This process saves you a lot of time and efforts of repetitive typing of the same thing.

Socialoomph provides the service of URL shortening. You can get all insights of your shortened URLs and clicks with the service known as Increase your efficiency by keeping track of your @mentions and every single person who has retweeted your tweets.

Deleting DMS from your inbox manually is a tedious and time-consuming task. Socialoomph provides you the feature of purge, which you can run on your inbox and delete everything you wanted. Even when you want to restart your twitter account from the beginning purge will help you for that by deleting all tweets from your account.

If you are managing multiple social accounts, then the feature of multiple accounts will help you a lot. With using Socialoomph, you can manage up to 5 twitter accounts. The best thing is that you do not need to share your password with anyone.  You can create a custom DMS for your new followers. So every time you get a new follower, a DMS will be sent in their account automatically. If you want to choose a custom service for sending DMS, then Socialoomph also provides you that. With this service, DMS will be interrupted for 7 hours, so you can manually check your new followers worth it or not.

The search tool of Socialoomph works on the basis of quality rather than quantity. You can define your keywords and the search filter will only show you relevant people for that. You can replicate your following list to all of your 5 twitter accounts at a time.

You can choose from a free or professional plan provided by Socialoomph according to your requirements and needs. Socialoomph has tens of thousands of happy customers today.
For complete list of features, visit: SocialOomph

2# HootSuite

hootsuiteManage your twitter profile, engage your targeted audiences, schedule your tweets and measure ROI all at one place with HootSuite. Whether you are using your personal twitter profile or using it for an organization, HootSuite lets you do more with it. Today, over 10 million users trust on HootSuite for managing their social profiles.

HootSuite provides 6 interesting features, this will change the productivity and efficiency of your twitter account. Check them below:


You can create custom and targeted streams for your targeted audiences. This feature lets your audience engage with your twitter account quickly and persistently. You can reply with a single click, search by language or location and can save time by using archived responses to common questions. You can create a special list of influencers and important clients and can track the interaction history of your twitter account.

Listen to your audience:

You can gauge how your audience engaged with your brand and then create filters according to them. Do not lose a single conversation even when you are not in front of your computer. You will get real-time results and get instant notifications when a trend changes or taken off.

Secure your twitter account:

HootSuite protects your twitter assets. The security platform of HootSuite protects you against social media threats, human errors and helps you to meet regulatory guidelines. For any suspicious activity in your account, you will get a prompt notification on your device.

Integrate your workflow:

You can map your HootSuite account to your company’s existing workflow and manage your employees by department, by project or by region. You can also set permission levels, according to the post of the people in your company. Restrict or allow access to particular accounts and create tasks or assignments to appropriate teammates.  Your tweets will be up-to-date according to your brand development and goals with the help of integrated workflows. You can avoid duplicate work and unwanted meetings by getting notifications each time a task is completed. So it helps every user of the account to stay on one page at a time.

Twitter insights:

Track your twitter campaign and build a strategy for the next campaign by getting full insights. You can measure the effectiveness and outreach of your tweets by easy-to-clinch reports.  HootSuite provides adaptable, real-time analytics about your brand topics.

HootSuite app directory:

HootSuite provides a massive collection of extensions and applications. You can choose the best from it according to your profession or business. Experience the customized dashboard to get a more efficient output.

HootSuite is best for the people who are in the profession of Online Marketing.

Sign up for a Free 30 day trial of HootSuite Pro

3# Tweepi

logo-tweepiTweepi lets you manage your twitter account as you want.  Excerpt and evaluate your twitter account data using tweepi. Tweepi has over 5 million users today.

“Not following back” tool of tweepi lets you know the list of the people who do not follow you back. You will get information about each user and with just a few clicks, you can unfollow those users.  A similar tool named as “You are not following back” lets you know the list of the people who follow you, but you are not following them. You can check their profile and quickly follow them if they are important to you.

Not every user you are following back takes part in conversations or retweeting important and useful tweets. Some of them are aimless and just tweet inappropriate posts and spammy links. You can sort such kind of users who is inactive, spammers or having a very low follow-back ratio. You can choose the clean up tool provided by tweepi to filter out these people and unfollow them.

The “Your followers” tool of tweepi provides you a complete list of the users who are following you. If you find some awful profiles in your list, then you can use tweepi’s force unfollow tool to filter out this kind of people and force them to unfollow you.

It is the best twitter automation tool for managing the affability and activity of twitter followers in your twitter account.

In my opinion Socialoomph and Tweepi both gives full advantage of using twitter automation tools.

Let me know which one you choose?

I am using both SocialOomph and Tweepi.

Top 20 Twitter Tools for Building and Managing your Networks!

  1. TwitterLocal – It allows to watch the public feed on twitter and catch all tweets with an accurate location.
  1. Twubble – This tool helps to expand your twitter bubble. It helps to search your friends graph and pics out filtered users whom you wish to follow.
  1. Who Should I Follow? – For twitter rookies, this is a very advantageous tool to start following important people.
  1. Mr. Tweet – It looks in your extended network and filter important relationships those are most relevant to you. Mr. Tweet provides personalized reports of your network.
  1. Follow Cost – Follow cost measures the tweets of the people whom you follow and how many people tweet on twitter.
  1. Tweepler – If you are facing difficulty in sorting new followers and cannot decide whether you should follow back people or not, then this tool is for you. Tweepler helps to organize your followers.
  1. TwitterHolic – TwitterHolic constantly updates your twitter account statistics. It tracks about your friends, followers and tweets of your twitter account.
  2. Just Tweet It – This tool helps you to find the tweeps with similar kind of interest. It helps to locate tweeples, apps and many more.
  1. Tweetdeck:-  Tweetdeck is a very powerful tool to track, organize and engagement of real-time in your twitter account.
  1. TwitterMass – TwitterMass is a diligent networking tool for managing twitter account. It helps to reduce ordinary processes done on your twitter account to build and manage your network.
  1. SocialToo –  SocialToo is an effective social network tool to manage the relationship of your twitter account. Daily insights will be sent to your inbox with the list of people following you and not following you.
  1. Twitoria – You can access this tool without entering a password. Just enter your username and this tool will check out the complete list of your twitter followers. It shows the list of your followers who have not been tweeting from long time.
  2. TwitDir – This tool gives insights of the best 100 followers, updaters, favorites and followed your twitter account. And allows to set custom search filters to follow only important people.
  1. MyCleenr – This tool helps to find your friends by their latest tweets. It helps you to get rid of inactive users on twitter and helps to remove unwanted twitters you wish to unfollow.
  1. Nearbytweets – As the name defines, this tool helps to find the twitters nearby your location. So you can follow them as per your interest and region.
  1. Twellow – You can find people on twitter by the relevant industry or geographical location using Twellow.
  1. UseQwitter – It is the intimation tool that prompts a message in your inbox every time a user follow you or unfollow you.
  1. TweepSearch – This tool is developed to give you filter search for your followers by location and biographic.
  1. TwitterBuzz – This tool gives you constant updates of your twitter account. It gives insights for your most linked stuff on twitter.
  1. GroupTweet – GroupTweet provides you the feature of group twitting to your favorite twitter groups. You can share your idea or any useful information you want.

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Twitter Geeks

The Geek’s Introduction to Twitter

Those who already may know what is Twitter, probably will not find anything interesting here, sorry, :(. But you can follow us at, and we will be happy to follow you ^ _ ^.

Those who still have no Twitter account or do not have very clear idea about Twitter, read on and see if I inspire you :).

Content Outline:
* What is Twitter?
* Why are you interested in Twitter?
* Why you do not interested in Twitter?
* What else you can do?
* What are the advantages of…?

Before signing up, some questions:

What is Twitter?

A web service equivalent to talking to the wall, but with the possibility that this will respond.

Something halfway between the chat (everyone speaks publicly, without order) and the messenger (just talk to the contacts that you add).

The new empire where the sun does not set people talking is continually, day and night.

The basic question is: What are you doing, but people tend to explain both what it does, as to send links to them are interesting or photos or music …

Why are you interested in Twitter?

* It is short: 140 characters little more than an SMS.
* It is accessible: you can write or read what others write from anywhere: web (and mobile web), mobile, web browser, desktop …
* It’s fast: write bit = take less to send a message, read bit = take less to read a message.
* Allows you to stay in constant touch with the world and your feedback flow of information / knowledge permanently.

Why are not you interested Twitter?

* It’s addictive. Its ease of use hooks.
* Anything you say may be used against you, so remember that you have the right to remain silent :).

What else can I do?

* Follow-up brand. You can use your browser or tools like Splittweet to know who’s talking about you or your company.

* Inform and report on specific issues. If you write your text beside the subject to which it relates as follows (my post # theme), others may use the form for information on that topic. You can do the same to further topics of interest and find people you share interests. For example, electronic books.

* Retransmit the information. If one of your contacts has something interesting retweet, i.e forwards your message to his own contacts. This will give added value to your twitts (messages). The most common way of doing this is to follow this format: RT: @ user_author: your message interesting.

* Find Friends. As in any social network, here you can relate to your old friends, with your acquaintances or strangers with whom they may share a hobby. The limit you put it.

* Promoting yourself. Tell us what you can do, what you do, what you like … yourself! This is one of the largest showcases of the world.

* Finding a job or clients. Looking for work? Just one of your contacts can help. Got something to sell? You may want someone, but try not to be too heavy or you get tired and can they pick-mania to your product.

What are the advantages?

* A blog: brevity and immediacy.
* A social network Facebook-style: simplicity.
* A traditional web: interactivity.

Already have clear why you need a Twitter account? Go ahead, register and enjoy it:).


  1. Visit the registration page.
  2. Fill out the information you request: full name, user, password, email and the two words in the captcha. Click on “Create my account”.
  3. Twitter now invites you to search for your friends, so you can follow you (ie make you followers from each other). If you want to look at your contacts from Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail or other webmail service, then click on the name of the service and follow the steps you suggest (enter passwords, select the contacts you want to track). If you prefer to manually add your friends, then find the bottom of the page the link “Skip this step” and follow it.
  4. Twitter also show you some random users to follow. You can also avoid this step by clicking on “Skip this step” at the bottom of the page.
  5. That’s it. No more logging:).


Without more, you’re ready to tell your story:

Twitter Web

You can write messages from the web, go to home, or using a program for your mobile web browser or desktop.

Twitter related JokeMessage formats:

* Normal message: your message.
* Answer: @ user_to_answer  your answer.
* Retwitt: RT: @ user_author:  your message interesting.
* About a Topic: Your message # topic.

No more guidance. If you want to go deeper into the issue and all options offered by Twitter, experience for yourself and search Google :).

Tell us if you like this post and finally you make an account on Twitter.

Finally, to know that our account on Twitter is:, follow us and we will be happy to follow you^ _ ^.