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How to Auto Insert Timestamp in Google Sheet

Google sheet is one of my favorite Google App and I use it . Today I came across a video on “How to add a Timestamp in Google Docs“. It shows how to install a script which will add a timestamp automatically to last column. While this is a very good script, but I wanted to make it better.

So I did some tweaking and now you can specify the column where timestamp should  get inserted. You can specify the column which trigger the timestamp script. You can specify the sheet where the script should run.

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Below is the code:

/*Updated and maintain by*/

function onEdit(event)
  var timezone = "GMT-5";
  var timestamp_format = "MM-dd-yyyy"; // Timestamp Format. 
  var updateColName = "Email";
  var timeStampColName = "Date Sent";
  var sheet = event.source.getSheetByName('Sheet1'); //Name of the sheet where you want to run this script.

  var actRng = event.source.getActiveRange();
  var editColumn = actRng.getColumn();
  var index = actRng.getRowIndex();
  var headers = sheet.getRange(1, 1, 1, sheet.getLastColumn()).getValues();
  var dateCol = headers[0].indexOf(timeStampColName);
  var updateCol = headers[0].indexOf(updateColName); updateCol = updateCol+1;
  if (dateCol > -1 && index > 1 && editColumn == updateCol) { // only timestamp if 'Last Updated' header exists, but not in the header row itself!
    var cell = sheet.getRange(index, dateCol + 1);
    var date = Utilities.formatDate(new Date(), timezone, timestamp_format);

Watch below video on how to use this code:

Watch this video on YouTube.

Steps to follow:

  • Go to Tools -> Script editor
  • Delete code if there is any.
  • Copy above mentioned code and paste it into the script editor.
  • Change the code as instructed in the video.
  • Click save.
  • Give the project a name (e.g. “Last Updated”)
  • Done.

I hope that you find this tutorial useful. Please share this with your friends and if you have any queries then feel free to shoot them in the comment section.

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Ctrl+Tab Firefox Hack for Better Tab Switching

Ctrl+Tab-Firefox-Hack-for-Better-Tab-SwitchingJust like in Windows you can switch between Apps/Windows using ALT+TAB, you also switch between Tab in Firefox using Ctrl+Tab. The default setting of Firefox can be tweaked to have better usability. This is a about:config hack and thus make sure you follow this hack properly else you will end up crashing your browser.

You can watch below video screencast or follow instructions after this video.

Watch this video on YouTube.

 Part 1: Enabling the Ctrl+Tab preview feature.

  • Open a new tab and input about:config and hit enter.
  • Click on “I’ll be careful, I promise!” button.
  • Go to search box and enter browser.ctrlTab.previews
  • Change it to true by double clicking on it (or right click and select toggle).

Now when you press Ctrl+Tab you will see a new / better tab switching with previews.

 Part 2: Disable Animations for New Tabs, Tab Groups:

This new Tab preview feature (plus Tab Groups) can be resource intense if your system does not have enough RAM and computing power to spare. To make it work a little faster and lighter we have to do another about:config hack.

Just like in Part 1 of this tutorial go to about:config page and search below keywords and set new them to values.

  • browser.tabs.animate set to false
  • browser.panorama.animate_zoom set to false
  • browser.fullscreen.animateUp set to 0

After this hack, your Firefox will enable the Tab preview feature and disable all the unnecessary animation feature for tabs preview and groups.

If you have any problem or question regarding this hack or want to share any similar hack then please comment below.

Please share this blog post with your Facebook friends and Twitter followers to help them hack their Firefox.

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Top 3 Tools for Creating Whiteboard/Sketch Animation Videos

What is Video Scribing?

Scribes or scribed videos, whiteboard animations, also called sketch videos, show images drawn onto a whiteboard in real time. These images drawn in sync with the voice over to communicate the ideas in a clear, linear narrative. Just like a quick short animation cartoon story. Unlike cartoons, they are not animated in the traditional sense..

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How to Disable “Last Seen” Feature in WhatsApp

In India and in many other countries WhatsApp had become the default message app.  Almost everyone who I know, who owns a smartphone uses WhatsApp for instant messaging. It have great features, reliability, quick and uses very less resources compared to other apps.

One of the feature is “Last Seen” which tells when was the person last seen on Whatsapp. While this is a helpful feature some finds its not so helpful. For those who are concern with their privacy and don’t want other to know when they were last seen. This is the blog post for you.

Watch below video for quick step by step instructions  to disable “last seen” feature in WhatsApp.

Watch this video on YouTube.
  1. Open WhatsApp.
  2. Go to settings.
  3. Go to Account.
  4. Go to Privacy.
  5. Tap on “Last seen”


  1. You will get three options. Everyone, My Contacts and Nobody.
  2. Select “Nobody”  and now no one can see when you were last online.
  3. Important: go to blog comments and write me a thank you comment. 🙂

Few things to remember when you use this setting.

  • If you select “Nobody” then you will not be able to see “Last Seen” data of anyone either. (fair enough, if you don’t want other to see yours you will not get to see their)
  • If you select “My Contacts” then you will be able to see “Last Seen” data of your contacts. (Who has not set “Nobody” in their privacy setting).
  • When you are “Online” users can still see that you are currently online.

I hope you will find this blog post and video helpful. Please share and comment.


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How to Delete Website Property or View from Google Analytics

Google Analytics - How to Delete ViewGoogle Analytics is coming up with lots of cool features very frequently. Thus the usage and work flow changes frequently too. Recently website property are being renamed as “Views” in Google Analytics. Also the process or steps to delete these website property or view is different now. Thus I made this video and blog post to help you.

Watch this video on YouTube.

Remember that when you delete your view or website property, you also delete all data associated with that view or website. Once done it’s is not possible to get back that deleted data. So decide properly if you really want to delete your view/website property forever.

So without further ado here are the steps to delete website property (view) from your Google analytics account.

  1. Go to Admin at the top of any Analytics page.
  2. Use the menu in the PROPERTY column to select the view you want to delete.
  3. Then click on “View Settings” from VIEW column.
  4. Click on “Delete view” at bottom of the page.
  5. Confirm your delete by clicking on “Delete view” button.
  6. Done.

Now you will not be able to see that website property in your dashboard. All the data related to that property is gone.

I hope you find this tutorial helpful. Please share and comment.