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64-Bit Chrome for Windows is Available for Download

Finally 64-bit Google Chrome browser is here and available for download. This is Chrome 37 with stable channel, which means you can trust it robustness and upgrade your 32-bit Chrome.

Google did not made this new 64-bit version default yet and will not automatically upgrade previous 32-bit version to new 64-bit. So you have to manually download and install it.  Go to this page and download 64bit Chrome.

Note on upgrade: You don’t have to uninstall previous 32-bit version. Just download and install this new 64-bit version and it will replace your 32-bit version perfectly. You will not loose any of your bookmarks, history, addons or settings.

Some of the benefits of new 64-bit Chrome browser are:

  • More speed, stability and security.
  • More speed for web graphics and media.
  • 15% improvement in YouTube video decoding performance. (faster YouTube HD videos)
  • As per testing 64-bit rendering engines are almost twice as stable as 32-bit engines when handling typical web content.
  • Better and improved “Profile switching” and incognito mode.

Some downsides to 64-bit version are:

  • I do see that 64-bit version is taking a bit more RAM compared to 32-bit. (my experience)
  • Google Earth and Google Voice don’t work because they’re 32-bit plugins
  • Lack of 32-bit NPAPI plugin support.  (though NPAPI will be removed from Chrome soon)


Other than few downside 64-bit version is awesome and you should upgrade it as soon as possible. In case you don’t like 64-bit version and have issues, you can always roll back to 32-bit version by downloading and installing it from here.

Please comment and let us know yours experience with new 64-bit Chrome browser.

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Top Q&A (Question-Answer) Website List

Q&A sites are very good to find new customer, get targeted visitor and backlinks to improve your SEO.

The process to get traffic and backlinks is very simple. Just follow below 6 steps and you are good to go.

  1. Complete your profile on their site
  2. Find questions in your niche
  3. Find information/quality answers to questions
  4. Post answer with your link (don’t abuse it)
  5. Communicate with the person to resolve their further questions
  6. Try to gain points and authority on their site my consistent participation

Without further ado; here is my list of Top Q&A (Question/Answer) Website List:

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How Link Building Service Can Boost Up Your Website

With the progress and success of the technology right now, the real deal on online marketing has really exposed itself. Now, every businessperson and executive got to deal with SEO professionals to make their popularity on net. Link building service which is highly offered now in the market can be easily afford and reach. Link building aims to get links from high quality websites on net. Hiring excellent SEO professional will help you out in displaying your site on the heights of any kind of search engine. By considering link-building service, you are giving yourself and your website so much blast of advantages.

Link building service increases your website recognition radically. With just the information that your website has, you will be assure that your website will appear on the top of any search engine. It helps you reach the top of high ranking because of its visibility on net. The inbound links, which is connected to your website, will surely allow your website to be visible in any search engines. Once your website appears on search engines, it invites traffic thus making your website more popular and known to public. This is also the best way for you to reach the number of people coming in and out of your website. Remember that the rule in marketing is letting your customer know what you are selling and persuading them to buy such. It might not be easy at first but with the help of all the SEO professionals that you hire and their plans, this will easily be executed. Article submission, which is the very basic and traditional way of getting back link is still the best. By just picking up a unique article makes you at the top of the search engines and gives many back links to your website. This is the safest way one could do in promoting a website, and the good thing is that in link building service this is just one because there are so many methods you can choose from. Never be afraid to ask and seek professional help when you need it and just when you need to boost up your website, feel free to acquire link building service, proven safe and effective.

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How To Improve The Speed Of Your Website

We all agree that one of the biggest problems facing us is to get developers usually fast-changing our website, we continue to add functionality as we meet with slowdowns in the loading site and we must find the balance between functionality and speed of loading site.
There are several studies that have shown good speed of the website leads to an increase in user activity and retention, besides allowing us to lower costs in every way.

Some tips to speed up a website:

1. Make a few HTTP requests
2. Make use of CDN (Content Delivery Network)
3. Add a label to end your header, Expires header
4. Enable Gzip compression
5. Put CSS at the very beginning
6. Pass JS files at the end
7. Avoid CSS comments
8. Put your CSS and JS files in your external file
9. Reduce DNS lookups
10. Optimize and minimize the code of your JS files
11. Avoid redirects
12. Eliminates duplicate scripts
13. Configure ETags

In all of the above we must add that no doubt is necessary first to have a fast server, the server is the key to a web site will load faster without doubt the best hosting will get a payment that offers increased speed and support, but in case of not having enough money, and have to stay in one free and go for many test which you think is faster.

Tools to accelerate our website:

Google Webmaster Tools

Recently Google Webmaster has a feature called Inception: Performance of the site, an experimental feature in webmaster tools that shows you information about the speed of your site and suggestions to make it faster.

You’ll find data on the speed of loading pages, and its evolution in time, a comparison between the loading time of your site and other sites, examples of specific pages with their actual load times, and tips Page Speed, which can help reduce your users’ perceived latency.

Page Speed

Google launched Pagespeed time ago, are developing a tool that many years and using them to optimize their sites themselves, more or less competition to YSlow from Yahoo! we talked on the next point.

When you install Firebug integrates and run into Pagespeed various councils and will give us parameters that we can consider to improve the performance load on our site, and very interesting even generates optimized versions of the images we have so that we replace and use to reduce the burden well.
The documentation is excellent and worth installing to experiment.
Both add much value news from Google to the web, and you see them as essential options in the future.

YSlow, web performance analyzer

If you implement these tips and see how you gradually speed up the burden of getting your site does not hesitate to install YSlow.

This plugin for Yahoo called YSlow for Firebug (in Firefox) is certainly a tool that every webmaster should have running in your browser.

To reach its full potential you must first install and then YSlow Firebug. Once installed, all data are captured on the pages and their elements. There is information on performance, statistics and Components.

For those who still do not know say that Firebug is an extension that will help you develop, evaluate and debug web sites, controlling the CSS and HTML in real time, measuring the load time to optimize the page or correcting any javascript errors.

Hope this help you to get your website loading faster than before. If you like this article than subscribe to our feeds so that you can’t miss our other nice articles.