The Best Things About the New Lumia 800 Phone

Lumia 800What distinguish Lumia 800 from other Mango phones? Voice-Guided GPS, quadra-band mobile Internet and more…

Touted as the first real Windows Phone by Nokia CEO Stephen Elop, the newest line from the Finish phone maker promises to be the second to no other Windows Phone devices.  Windows Phone head Joe Belfiore couldn’t help but agree, looking up to Nokia as the “killer hardware” beyond compare to other Mango mobile devices. How accurate is that description?

A combination of chic design, durable polycarbonate frame and  0.48-inch dimension creates a fresh new look for this flagship phone.  The 3.7 inch ClearBlack AMOLED screen has the standard resolution (800×480) for smart phones, slightly below  iPhone 4S’s 960×640.  Lumia’s f/2.2 aperture allows for sharper evening pictures though.  Hard disk capacity is limited to 16 GB,  but SkyDrive’s cloud server would provide 25 GB additional storage space, which is not available in other Mango smart phones.

The best things about Lumia are its core Windows Phone apps and enhanced mobile Internet connectivity:

  • The ESPN Hub app delivers  the latest sports news, score updates, reviews and video snapshots. The app is packed with geographically targeted  entertainment and news feeds. You can further customize the ESPN Hub to access more news on sports categories of your choice. A neat menu interface gives easy access to news and multimedia contents at a snap of a finger.  The app also brings social networking to the mobile platform, integrating ESPN and fan networks in relevant sports categories.
  • With built-in voice-controlled GPS Navigation app, the mobile phone would be an indispensable  tool for drivers in foreign land and those who can’t read a map while driving.
  • Lumia can connect to GSM services via four GSM bands –  850 MHz, 900 MHz, 1800 MHz  and 1900 MHz – which makes cross-border and international browsing possible.
  • Like the ESPN Hub, the pre-loaded local concert locator Gigfinder is good at geotargeting.
  • A single click on the contacts screen will give you an integrated list of all your Facebook and Twitter networks.

Lumia 800 will hit India, Asia and European markets ( UK, Germany, France, Spain and Italy ) this month, selling for around $580. The smartphone will be sold in the US early next year.


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