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The camera market is very familiar with an onboard flash, present in almost every camera – from point-and-shoot models to high-end DSLRs. However, the onboard flash is used best in a setting opposite to what most hobby photographers use their external flash to fill light during better light conditions rather than a primary source of light in low light conditions.

Therefore the predominant demand for an onboard flash that illuminates low light conditions without seeming “harsh” remains unfulfilled by an onboard flash. Here is where an external flash comes in. In comparison to an onboard flash, an external flash produces better pictures and has many other benefits. The benefits include saving your camera battery’s life, firing the flash more often without having to wait longer between shots, illuminating subjects at a greater distance, illuminating wider shots, and many more.

Now that you’re convinced about the importance and advantages of an external flash let us help you find the best external flash for the Canon camera!

Best External Flash for Canon for the Money

1. Neewer TT560 External Flash for Canon

Neewer TT560 External Flash for Canon

This product is the best fit as a Canon flash, with eight pieces of LED lamps for different levels. If you can and know how to shoot in manual mode and control your flash, this external flash is for you.

Key Features and Specification:

  • Has eight steps of power output control that are indicated by eight pieces of LED
  • The vertical rotation angle is 0 to 90 degrees, while the horizontal rotation angle is 0 to 270 degrees.
  • It has 3 modes- M, S1, and S2. In M mode, the canon external flash can be set onto the camera hot shoe mount to trigger it. Before shooting, adjust the flash power, and the flash will work under the camera’s synchronous signal.
  • S1 mode is applicable mainly for the manual flash environment. In the S2 mode, the slave flash can create many lighting effects and is relevant for the TTL environment.
  • It has only 4 AA batteries as a power source, which are easy to find and hassle-free to use
  • The Colour temperature is 5600K.
  • Flash duration of 1/300 s to 1/20000 s
  • Dimensions are 190*75*55 mm, and it weighs 286 g


2. GODOX V860II-C External Flash for Canon

GODOX V860II-CThis Canon flash is easy to use, having professional features and outstanding build quality. It can function as an optical wireless master or slave flash.

Key Features and Specification:

  • It has five modes- TTL, manual, multi, S1, and S2.
  • It has a large LCD screen to observe the operations clearly and precisely.
  • Its built-In 2.4GHz X Wireless Radio System and TTL Wireless flash Trigger X1T-S / Xpro-S /X2T-S provide a better experience.
  • It has an auto-zoom as well as a manual zoom facility.
  • There are three wireless flash functions in it – Master, Slave, and Off.
  • It also has three controllable slave groups –A, B, C
  • It has a flash coverage of 20 to 200mm.
  • Guide no. 60 (m ISO 100) / 190 (feet ISO 100)
  • Recycling time: less than 1.5 seconds
  •  Zoom range: 24- 200mm(14mm with panel)
  • Flash Colour temperature: 5600K +/-200K
  • Flash Duration: 1/300s to 1/20000s
  • Power ratio: 1/1 – 1/128
  • It has a full 360 º swivel and tilt head.


3. Altura Photo AP-UNV1

Altura Photo Professional AP-C1001 External Flash for Canon

This product is a powerful external flash for Canon in a 7-item kit. There is a 1-year limited warranty for this Canon flash. It is compatible with all cameras having a standard hot shoe mount.

Key Features and Specification:

  • It has three modes- manual, S1, and S2.
  • The 7-item kit includes Altura photo flash, flash stand, softbox flash diffuser, protective pouch, wireless remote control, 4 AA batteries, microfiber cloth, and a built-in, wide-angle flash diffuser and reflection panel.
  • It has a zoom, swivel, and bounce head with a vertical rotation of 0 to 90 degrees and a horizontal rotation of 0 to 270 degrees.
  • Has dimensions of 8.8*3.9*3.4 inches and weighs 590 g
  • Sturdy structure
  • The wireless remote control can be used only for the camera (without the flash)
  • No TTL


4. Yongnuo Professional YN 560 III 

Yongnuo Professional YN 560 III Canon External Flash

This Canon flash is a unit capable of lighting up long-range. It can be triggered with YN560-TX, RF-603, RF-602 wireless transmitters. Other specifications of this external flash for Canon are:

Key Features and Specification:

  • On-camera triggering with a metal hot shoe mount
  • The large LCD screen is useful for viewing settings and making adjustments
  • 100-1500 flashes from one set of batteries
  •  2.4 GHz wireless radio receiver
  •  Zoom range: 24-105 mm, which can expand to 18 mm
  • Vertical rotation range: -7 to 90 degrees, horizontal rotation range: 0 to 270 degrees
  • It can also be triggered optically with instant sync or skip pre-flash options for simpler off-camera firing
  • Built-in PC sync port that further enhances the connectivity of the external flash
  • Multimode gives stroboscopic lighting effects in the flash
  • Recycle time of 3 seconds


5. Powerextra Professional DF-400

Powerextra Professional DF-400 External Flash for CanonThis Canon external flash is another great value-for-money option to choose from the various available external flash. This external flash is big and sturdy and provides good pictures at different angles.

Key Features and Specification:

  •  Power source: 4 AA batteries having battery life: 100-1500 times
  • Recycle time: 3 seconds
  • Has 3 modes- M, S1, S2
  • Colour temperature: 5800K
  • Flash duration: 1/200 s to 1/20000 s
  • Flash control: 8 brightness control (1/128 to 1/1)
  • Dimensions: 190*75*55 mm and weight: 315 g
  • The packet includes a flashlight, protection bag, mini stand, and an instruction manual.
  • Vertical rotation: 0 to 90 degrees, Horizontal rotation: 0 to 270 degrees
  • Power-saving automatic shutdown function
  • Automatic save function
  • In S1 and S2 modes, flash can be triggered wirelessly.
  • Flash can be made synchronous by connecting to the PC port.


6. Canon Speedlite 430EX III-RT Flash

Canon Speedlite 430EX III-RT Flash

This best flash for Canon cameras from Canon has a compact body and provides efficiency in space together with style. It has very convenient controls that make it easy to use. Here are some of its other features:

Key Features and Specification:

  • Zoom range: 24-105 mm
  • Built-in catch light panel helps enhance the subject’s facial expression.
  • Dot-matrix LCD and multi-dial deliver smooth and easy-to-use functionality.
  • The packet also includes an SBA-E2 bounce adapter, SCF-E2 color filter, mini flash stand, soft cases for the flash, accessories, and an instruction manual.
  • Recycle time: 2 seconds
  • Included diffuser dome and CTO gel
  • Built-in wireless facility to control the flash


These Canon external flash cameras offer good value for your money. You could try out any of the above best external flashes for Canon to get the best results in an economical price range.


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