How to Share Internet Between Samsung Galaxy Note and PC/Notebook/Computer

Here is two tutorial on sharing internet between Samsung Galaxy Note and your PC/Notebook/Computer.

I am using Samsung Galaxy Note with BSNL 3G and  Compaq Notebook with Windows 7 OS.

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1. Sharing Galaxy Note’s internet with your PC/Computer/Notebook.

2. Sharing your PC/Computer/Notebook internet with your Galaxy Note.

How to share Galaxy Note’s internet with your PC/Computer/Notebook.

Step 1: Download Easy Tether Lite and install in your Galaxy Note.

Step 2: Now open Easy Tether in your Galaxy Note.

Step 3: Follow below screen shots. (or follow apps instructions.)

Enable USB
Open Settings: USB Debugging
Allow USB debugging? YES
Tap on Setup/Settings
Tap on USB tethering setup
Tap on Windows Setup
Tap on Download to smartphone and copy
Download S/W and Tap on Next
Don't connect Note to your computer, Tap on Next
Install the EasyTether helper software on your computer. Make sure to install the supplementary Windows-only USB driver as well. Tap Next when done.
EastTether USB tethering always depends on the standard USB debugging option in Settings > Applications > Development. Remember to keep it enabled (like it is now) every time you wish to use EasyTether and tap Next to proceed.
Well done! Tap on FINISH.
to enable tethering.”]
You can check that USB is enabled in top notification bar.
Right click icon in your PC and connect with your android device.

All done. Now you can share your galaxy note internet connection with your pc.

Remember: You will not be able to browse UDP or secure connection website (https://) with lite version of this apps.

How to share your PC/Computer/Notebook internet with your Galaxy Note.

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Step 1: Download and install in your PC/Computer.

Step 2: Enable your wifi and start connectify application.

Step 3: Find your newly created wifi connection in your galaxy note and connect with it.

Step4: All done start sharing the internet.

Here is another detail tutorial for this:

Let me know if you find any difficulties sharing internet between your Galaxy Note and your PC.

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