How to Buy Defibrillator Toaster and More Funny Toasters


How to Buy Defibrillator ToasterSit back mates, this post will make you hungry!!! The divine taste of toasts makes our breakfast wonderful and gives a delightful start to our day. The awesome concept of defibrillator toaster is developed by Shay Carmon. This techie inventor also has a couple of other delightful concepts like the ‘learning chair’, and the ‘two leg table’. Toasting your bread with a defibrillator is something that looks really cool. You are now thinking of how to buy defibrillator toaster online or from where I can buy a defibrillator toaster, But before getting into more detail about this broaden the idea of defibrillator toaster, let us go through some unique, funny, and awesome designs of unusual toasters and their accessories.

1) The Grilled Cheesus Electric Sandwich Press

The Grilled Cheesus Electric Sandwich PressThis is an electric sandwich press made by omrgoods, which toasts the face of Jesus on every sandwich. The Grilled Cheesus Sandwich Press has non-stick plates, which are very easy to clean. The ART (Advanced Ray Technology) helps to make sure perfect toast by distributing heat evenly. Even a famous TV show GLEE did an episode on Grilled Cheesus (Episode 3, Season 2). More Inspiringly, some part of the proceeds of the company goes to doing good deeds all around the world.

2) MLB Team Sandwich Press

MLB Team Sandwich PressPangea has built this awesome toaster which has removable non-stick  cooking plates for ease of cleaning. It also has indicator lights which let you know when the slices is toasted and ready to use. It also has a lock-down lid and a cord wrap on undersides. The MLB team Sandwich press toaster from Pangea is ETL Certified.

3) Hello Kitty 2-Slice Wide Slot Funny Toaster With Cool Touch Exterior

Hello Kitty 2-Slice Wide Slot Funny ToasterThis super cute looking toaster from Hello Kitty has cool touch exterior. It can toast two slices at a time. Other features of Hello Kitty funny toaster include extra wide slots for bigger slices, removable crumb tray, cancel option, adjustable browning levels, and a high-lift carriage. Click here to instantly buy this pretty looking toaster from Hello Kitty.


4) Disney Classic Mickey Mouse Toaster With Two Slice Wide Slots

Disney Classic Mickey Mouse Toaster With Two Slice Wide SlotsThis good-looking Micky Mouse Toaster is made by Disney. The toaster is made of plastic and metal and has extra wide slots, cool-touch exterior, and adjustable browning control. It can toast two slices at a time with a surprising classic image of Mickey Mouse on them. This amazing Mickey Mouse Toaster is available for only $35 on AMAZON. This is an unusual toasters available in the market.


5) Panda Pocket Sandwich Cutter, Bread Cutter, Hand Tools Sandwich Kit from Taidea

Panda Pocket Sandwich CutterThis adorable panda sandwich cutter will surprise your kids with their breakfast. The amazing hand tool sandwich kit is made by Taidea which makes wonderful and nice looking slices, which will make your kids happy. Also, you can do it with your kids and it is so easy to use that your kids can make delightful Panda shaped sandwiches in their picnics or breakfasts on their own. It is a nice kind of gift for your friends and family. Check more details about this Taidea Panda Sandwich Cutter on AMAZON.

Liked the designs and concepts of the unusual toasters or not? All of these awesome looking toaster and their accessories are available on AMAZON. Hope you will like to get one of them to make a twist in your simple looking breakfasts and make your family members happy.

Now, turning back to our main concept of defibrillator toaster, even though it looks like a very simple and easy concept of changing the process of making the breakfast, it will revive the boring looking breakfast and bring a new life in an intelligent way. You should now definitely looking for the toaster defibrillator for sale, but unfortunately, it is still a concept and is not available now in the market. But, it will be available soon for purchase, subscribe to us and as soon as the toast defibrillator is available, you will get notified by us. Like and share this list to spread this awesome concept of the defibrillator toaster by Shay Carmon to the world! Stay Tuned!


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