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Tools To Check Your Search Rankings

Today I want to talk about search rankings. Do you know how to actually check your rankings? If you answered “Sure, I just need
to search Google for my keywords” then you probably just know half of the story…


Searching on Google for your keywords is indeed the simplest way to check your rankings, but it is not an effective one, because
the search results you get on Google might not be the same that other people are getting.

Let’s suppose that you have a blog about celebrities, and that the main keyword you are targeting is “photos of celebrities.”

You could go to Google and search for “photos of celebrities”, and then check the position where your blog will appear. The problem is that the rankings you’ll see there are influenced by factors like your IP address, the language of your computer, your past search
history and so on. This is part of an innovation Google introduced a while ago called “Personalized Search.”

For example, your blog might appear in the 5th position when you search for “photos of celebrities”, but this is so because you
often click on your own website, so Google is artificially increasing the rankings of your blog when you search for it.

For all other people, however, your blog might be appearing in the 20th or 30th position.

So how do you find your real search rankings? There is a tool called Scroogle that you can use for this purpose. Here is the

It is basically a Google scraper that will get the search results from Google with an anonymous IP address, without storing cookies,
without storing search-term records and so on.

When you run a search query on Scroogle, therefore, Google won’t have any past data about it, so the results will be the ones seen
by the average Internet user. You can make Scroogle show 100 results at a time, and after that you’ll just need to find where your website is positioned.

Other free tools to check your search ranking:

Use more than one tool to cross check results.

Please share your favorite tool with us and comment are welcome.

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Smart Way To Get Your Website Indexed by Google

The easiest and quickest way to appear on Google and is not through its direct inclusion system. Google can take several months to index a site like this. Sometimes it surprises me is that even as some companies continued to promote this old system to include a website to search engines and chasm that charge for their service.

If you have a website and wants to attract organic traffic, (i.e. free traffic from Google) first have to make your website is included in the list of Google. Something very important also I should mention is that once your site appears on Google, automatically the other search engines like Yahoo and MSN among others also be commissioned to include your site in their browsers. If you do not understand what I am talking not forget to visit my website appear on Google as you explain in more detail the SEO techniques that work best today. Do not worry if you do not find the wallet, not needed since all my information is completely free.

Back to the subject, here are the steps you must follow if you want to learn how to appear in Google quickly.

  1. Write a good and useful article.
  2. Bring this article to some good articles directory like EzineArticles , GoArticles, ArticleBase, ArticleDashboard or WebProNews.
  3. Include a link back to your website on the part of the biography of the author.

These simple steps legally allow you to manipulate Google’s robot to visit your website, THROUGH this article directory which already is a site that is indexed and also has the trust of Google.

This is the technique I’ve used over and over again to make my websites in scrambled Google. Use it and you also see the results.

How to know if my site is on Google?

To see if your site appears in Google just type in the search the complete address of your website your website comes no place is because it simply has not yet been found by Google.

Remember to avoid using the old way of including your website directly through Google, why wait two to six months for Google to include your site in search engines when you can do in just 24 hours generally.

You can also buy a link on high PR website which will help your website to get indexed super fast. Best place to buy link is TextLinkAds.

What was your experience in getting indexed by google?I will be grateful if you share it with us.