Top 3 Tools for Creating Whiteboard/Sketch Animation Videos


Top 3 Tools for Creating Whiteboard/Sketch Animation VideosWhat is video scribing?

Scribes or scribed videos, whiteboard animations, also called sketch videos, show images drawn onto a whiteboard in real time. These images drawn in sync with the voice over to communicate the ideas in a clear, linear narrative. Just like a quick short animation cartoon story. Unlike cartoons, they are not animated in the traditional sense..


A Excellent Sample Video Example:

Watch this video on YouTube.

(BTW this is an excellent TED Talk)

So without any further ado, below are the top three tools according to my research available right now in the market.

Top 3 Whiteboard/Sketch Animation Videos Creation Tools

1. Videoscribe/Sparkol

According to our research Videoscribe software by Sparkol is the best tool for whiteboard animation. Sparkol application comes with both Mac and PC support. They also have application for your iphone, ipad and Android device. You can also use it on your Kindle Fire device. This tool comes with cloud storage, so you can work on same project on multiple devices. Also great for  backups.

Check out here some this link for some awesome whiteboard animation using Videoscribe.


Goanimate is a web application with tons of feature for whiteboard animation.  They have a very easy and intuitive application with drag and drop features. Goanimate can also be used to create cartoon animation videos. This tool is also good for animated info-graphics, cartoon stories, anime stories videos.

Plan start from $39/month. Click here to more details on pricing.


Just like Goanimate this is also a web application. Powtoon provide a free account with some limitations. The premium account starts from $19/month.  Powtoon is great for intro videos, product launch videos, landing page videos. I would not recommend this for whiteboard animation videos. If you are strictly looking for whiteboard animation then go with either Videoscribe or Goanimate.


If you want to work offline on your preferred device then Videoscribe is the best whiteboard animation tool for you. If you like web application, which not requires any installations, then is the best choice. Goanimate is also a very cool tool for short animation videos and cartoon story. Powtoon is best when you need some intro videos for your product or service.

Once again if you are strictly looking for whiteboard animation the we recommend Videoscribe. 

Please comment and share this blog post. Let us know which one is your favorite tool. Also check out this blog post to learn to create whiteboard videos manually.



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