How to Get Facebook Ads Coupons Vouchers

facebook voucherHello Friends,

I had just discover a way to get $50 voucher for FREE. This trick will not work for long so hurry to get your FREE voucher NOW. In this whole post I had shared 5 (3 free and 2 paid) method to get Facebook vouchers to jump-start your campaign.

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(FREE) Method : 1

Step 1:

Register for FREE @ SEOClerk:

Complete your registration and profile.

Step 2:

Go to : and ask your FREE $5 Coupon code.

Once done, you will get $5 free to buy any service.

Step 3:

Go to: and share a tweet.

Once done, you will get another $2 $1 free to buy any service.

Step 4:

Below are some Facebook Ads Coupon Sellers @ SEOClerks:

The seller is providing $50 voucher for $10 $8.

Please hurry this trick will not work for very long. Get it when you can.

Method(Paid) : 2

Step 1:

Create your free account at Fiverr.

Step 2:

Buy from below listed sellers. I had tested most of them and they give working vouchers.


(Paid) Method : 3

If you are thinking of starting your own website or want to change server then you are in luck. Buy hosting and domain services from below providers and get 100s of dollars of free Ads credit.

  1. Hostgator – provides $100 Adword Credit, $50 Facebook Ads Credit, $25 Bing Ads credit + FREE DOMAIN.

  2. GoDaddy – provides $50 Facebook Ads Credit, $100 Bings Ads credit and $100 Google Adwords Credit.

 (Free) Method : 4

I found a way to get free $100 Facebook Ads Voucher. But it requires a lot of technical skill. If you are an Android developer or Iphone developer then it will be easy for you. So here is the trick.

  • Go to:
  • Signup free account.
  • Download their SDK and install it in your Android or Iphone App.
  • Once your API get activated/used then (ONLY THEN) you will be able to claim $100 Facebook Voucher.
  • This offer is valid till October 31, 2013

You will be able to find more information here:

I know this is a very hard way to get $100 voucher but there is a huge shortage of these voucher. I guess Facebook now don’t offer these high value coupons anymore.

 (Free) Method : 5

This method works for only USA (I guess). You will be able to get $50 voucher.

You will get a call from some FB guy and he will ask you about your page, offer and marketing budget. If he think you are a potential advertiser then (ONLY THEN) he will give you the FREE voucher.

Tryout all these method and do let me know which one worked for you.

PS: There is no harm in trying these methods to get Facebook ads coupons.

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Azad Shaikh

Azad Shaikh is an internet geek at heart. Azad like to write about anything related to computers, internet, hacking, business and marketing. He is a computer engineering graduate and certified ethical hacker.
  • ste

    on fiverr anybody have coupon… :(

  • Takeshi

    Method 1 no longer works. None of the fiverr gives are active anymore.

  • Sarah Jordan

    hello i don’t have twitter account for the activated email please tell me how can i get the other 2$

    • Azad Shaikh

      Twitter account is required to get this extra free money. Also now they had changed it to $1. :(

  • Sarah Jordan


    • Azad Shaikh

      I don’t know any free method to get FB coupons. There is one unethical way to get them. You have to buy services where they provide FB vouchers and then cancel it after getting the voucher. I don’t prefer it though.

      • Sarah Jordan

        How are people getting and reselling it for cheap prices? i want that too

  • andrew

    Step 6 -- I don’t see anywhere submit a request from that link

    • Azad Shaikh

      Do you mean in method 6?

  • mahak104k

    Are any of them still working? Please let me know.

    • Azad Shaikh

      Yes. Some of them still works.

  • Dev

    I just did everything as instructed on method 1 and besides SEOClerks seems to be a nice website an alternative to fiverr for IMers. Anyway, I have already sent you a request for my coupon hope I receive it soon as I’m trying to start a new FB campaign asap.


    • Azad Shaikh

      Yes, I had received your coupon request. I will send you one very soon.

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  • salman sheikh

    what if i say i want to use one coupon a day … ? tell me how i can create new f b accounts daily ..? from where i can buy working vcc or cc for f b ad accounts ..? which kind of pva works best for fb ad accounts ..? which ip i should use to create a new f b ad account ..?

    i can pay you if you have any solid solution of this whole method :)

  • amyfoss

    selling facebook 50$ voucher
    skype: johhnceena

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  • Raju

    azad bhai, apna skype dedo, baat karna he. aur main seo clerks se khud ki paisa se kharid na chata hoon. kindly iska 5$ me karwa do.

  • boysu

    Im selling. Add skype : donotgiveup2411

  • Donny

    I have a lot of facebook coupon. Please contact me via skype: donnytran12 to get cheap price :)

    • leandro

      hi, i need some coupon fb for mys campains.. I WOULD BE PLEASED about if you can get some coupon for me

      • Donny

        Please let me help you, contact me via Skype: donnytran12

    • Ronald

      Thanks Donny, great service! I used your coupon and it works!… Highly recommended seller!

      • Donny

        Thank you so much :)

    • Saquib Qureshi

      Pls send ur skype no.

  • Lichi Cat

    I tried these method but no one is working properly can you please guide me how can i get fb coupon codes