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Best Cable Splitter for Internet and TV: Top Recommendations for 2020

mA cable TV splitter helps to get multiple cable TV or internet connections from a single antenna or modem input. Depending on your needs, you can choose from a 2-way, 3-way, 4-way, 6-way, or 8-way cable splitter. It not only splits the connection for multiple outputs but also maintains the signal quality that is coming from the internet service provider or a cable TV operator.


Here, I have reviewed the most sought cable splitters with all types of output ports. Check the comparison below and choose your most suitable coax splitter.

Best Cable Splitter for Internet and TV

1) BAMF Manufacturing MoCA

BAMF 2-Way Coax Cable Splitter Bi-Directional

This bi-direction coaxial cable splitter from BAMF Manufacturing gives two cable or internet signal outputs from a single input. It helps you to avoid the costly and separate connection facility for your multiple devices at home or office. You can use it for CATV and satellite services.

Specifications and features of 2-Way Coax Splitter by BAMF are:

  • It supports bandwidth spectrum from 5MHz to 2300MHz.
  • The F-type connectors provide higher isolation and low insertion loss of the input signals.
  • It has nickel plating on Zinc die-cast housing.
  • You will get more natural satellite signals due to the power passing ports.
  • It improves signal quality and reduces packet loss due to its top-quality shielding structure.
  • It is weather resistant, and so provides durable & reliable operation.

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2) Extreme BDS102H

Extreme BDS102H 2 Way Coax Cable Splitter

From numerous products providing 1GHz power, the BDS102H from Extreme is a high performing cable splitter that acquired a spot in this list. It efficiently supports multiple signal outputs from a single input source.

Features and specs of Extreme BDS102H 2-Way Cable Splitter are:

  • Every port of this device generates 1dB of boosting power.
  • It supports all kinds of networking devices like modems, routers, etc. and television types like analog, digital, HDTV, etc.
  • You can even use this splitter for output to your TV and another output to your internet modem from a single coaxial input cable.
  • It offers reliable operation for a more extended period.
  • It supports 5MHz to 1GHz bandwidth and 130 dB EMI.
  • It only outs -3.5dB from each output port.

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3) Monoprice 110013 PREMIUM

Monoprice 110013 PREMIUM 2-Way Cable Splitter

This top quality two-way cable splitter from Monoprice will provide a reliable and constant signal output to multiple connections from a single source. It can be a good choice for the people who do not want to install separate connections for their TVs placed in different rooms.

Specs and features of 110013 Monoprice 2-Way Coaxial Cable Splitter are:

  • It has F-type screws for using it with TV antenna, VCR or video cables.
  • It supports the bandwidth of 5MHz to 2400MHz.
  • This splitter is perfect for those who need multiple display outputs from one source of input.
  • The gold-plated connectors ensure a secure and faster signal frequency output.
  • It also works perfectly well with AirTV and even with two HD antennas.

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4) Cable Matters 2-Pack 3-Way Cable Splitter

Cable Matters 2-Pack 3-Way Coaxial Cable Splitter

The Cable Matters introduced the top in the class 3-way cable splitter. Apart from the 3-way option, you can choose the 4-way or the 5-way splitter from the company.  This tool is gold plated and balanced which means you will get a constant and reliable signal output. Other than the coaxial cable splitter, it is also known as an RF splitter, TV signal splitter, F type splitter, F pin splitter, coaxial digital splitter, RG6 splitter, coax splitter, RG6 cable splitter, and coaxial video splitter.

Features and specs of 3-Way Coaxial Cable Splitter from Cable Matters are:

  • You will get a pack of two 3-way splitters that gives cost-effective and handy options.
  • It delivers corrosion free & reliable connection every time you use it for your cable TV and/or internet.
  • Its gold-plated connectors support 2.4GHz frequency bandwidth.
  • This device has a housing of zinc cast to provide shielding to the radio frequency and to prevent insertion loss.
  • You can use it with VCR, cable TV box, antenna, or even with the satellite receiver.
  • You will also get a lifetime limited warranty from the company.

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5) Extreme BDS104H 4 Way Coax Splitter

Extreme BDS104H 4 Way Coax Cable Splitter

Again from Extreme, you will get a 4-way cable TV splitter. It provides competitive performance through its highly reliable and balanced output ports.

Features and specs of 4-way BDS104H Cable Splitter by Extreme are:

  • It supports 5MHz to 1GHz frequency bandwidth and 130dB EMI.
  • Each of the four output ports has loss of only 7dB out.
  • Four output ports make you worry free from installing different cable connections for your multiple display devices.
  • Due to the balanced connectors, it delivers same output from each port.
  • This digital splitter can be used with cable TV, satellite receiver, antenna, and many other internet & TV systems.
  • Silver plating of the connecting ports provides you with reliable, secure outputs from a single input source.

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6) Monoprice 110016

Monoprice 110016 PREMIUM F-Type

The six-way cable splitter from Monoprice will help you to get as many outputs as you want from a single coaxial resource without losing the signals. It has four output ports on one side and the input and two output ports on the other side.

Specs and features of Monoprice 110016 6-Way Coaxial Splitter are:

  • Its gold-plated connectors ensure reliable and robust output always.
  • It has a support of 5MHz to 24GHz bandwidth.
  • At one of the ends, there is a grounding point to avoid any electrical damage.
  • The F-type screw makes it compatible with the TV antenna and VCR cables.
  • The six output ports will help you to set up a single input device for all of your display devices like cable boxes, internet modems, TVs, etc. at home.

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7) BAMF 8-Way Coax Cable Splitter

BAMF 8-Way Coax Cable Splitter

BAMF provides this 8-way bi-directional cable splitter with all power-pass ports.

You will not have to worry if you have multiple television sets and/or internet network devices in different rooms as this cable splitter will provide output for all of them from a single coaxial input.

Features and specs of 8 Way Coaxial Cable Splitter from BAMF are:

  • It supports 5MHz to 23GHz frequency bandwidth.
  • Each of its ports losses only an 11dB signal which helps to improve speed & performance.
  • It has a weather resistant design with an internal circuit board to offer top-class output signal.
  • You can make a secure satellite connection on any of the ports as they have power passing features.
  • It is excellent for MoCa and works perfectly with cable TVs, satellite receivers, internet modems, and other devices.

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Choose the Best Cable Splitter

The main considerable thing while buying a cable splitter is its capacity. You may know that a standard cable TV supports around 1GHz frequency. All the products mentioned in the above list support a range of 5MHz to above 1GHz frequency which is quite enough for your cable TV as well as internet needs. Another point to keep in mind is the cost of the cable splitter. Though most of the products are available at affordable rates, you can choose the relatively cheaper coaxial splitter if you have a meager budget.

How many cable and/or internet connections do you have at your home or office? Which coaxial cable splitter do you think will fit your needs? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.


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